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    Starting kitten off with wet food

    Hi, I'll be getting a male kitten that will be around 8-10 weeks old in a few weeks. I'd like to exclusively feed wet food to get him accustomed to it from the beginning. Is there a certain amount of wet food a kitten should be eating in a day? I'm nervous I won't feed enough due to how much...
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    Litter box suggestion for kitten

    Hi, I'll be getting a kitten in a few weeks and he'll be around 8-10 wks old. Just wondering what the best litter box to get him would be. It's going to be in my living room until he can go upstairs confidently so I want to create some kind of system that provides the least amount of litter...
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    14 y/o cat with pleural effusion, advice?

    Hi everyone, i'm coming here for advice from anyone that has dealt with something like this before or just any well wishes you can offer my girl, Kitty. It all started, maybe, around October-December 2019 with Kitty getting very picky with her dry food. She's been picky her whole life with dry...