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  1. catwoman707

    Small Intestine Lymphoma

    Absolutely. If no IBD prior, it makes me think it is not intestinal lymphoma, but just my opinion. It does sound like cancer of some form, but it is important to know if the blood slide shows small or large cell. Small and you may have a chance at helping her. At least slow/stall it's...
  2. catwoman707

    Small Intestine Lymphoma

    It's important to know whether it is small cell or large. I also want to ask if she has been diagnosed with IBD before these recent vet visits. Leukeran is very well tolerated, in fact I saw no side effects at all in my girl. Leukeran has excellent effects on small cell, not so much in lg. It...
  3. catwoman707

    Kitten Help

    My first thought is it may be a fungal thing going on with her paw and will only spread further if not treated asap. Unless there are other areas that you see starting to do the same, she may also have been exposed to some unknown substance that caused this. More likely a fungal infection than...
  4. catwoman707

    Young cat with recurring sores on mouth, face and body

    I tend to agree, it does not appear to be the type of rash cats will get from a food allergy. BTW, advantix is absolutely for dogs only, it's very dangerous and deadly to cats. I would bet it's an infection, leaning a bit more towards fungal but can be bacterial too.
  5. catwoman707

    Neonate With Pectus Excavatum

    So good to hear from you! :wave3: Well now looking at his pic I am choked up and teary eyed, with a smile. I love being able to have helped save his life. What a wonderful handsome boy he's become! So glad you kept him, he's special for sure. It was close at one point too, he was outgrowing his...
  6. catwoman707

    Inside To Outside Cat

    Thanks @Norachan for calling me. I hope the OP is still reading this. I have a cat rescue group and wondered where you/kitty are located. I may be able to help. Don't be offended by the reactions of members, we are all great cat lovers and have endless compassion for them, and he is not...
  7. catwoman707

    5 Day Old Kitten Not Pooping No Matter What

    Yes the 8 ml is a general guideline more for minimum requirements. It's surprising the number who think the baby will stop when it's full or gets squirmy and end up malnourished. The key that overrides all of it is the daily weight gains. Whatever the amt is that it takes for a daily gain of at...
  8. catwoman707

    4 Day Old Neonate In Crisis - Pooping Formula Just As Soon As Eaten

    I'm so glad she is still with you. Part of her unseen issue will be an extreme intestinal imbalance, caused by the state of cold/starvation before getting her, then whether her tiny brand new organs were in a state of fully functioning after that trauma and able to digest the milk given then...
  9. catwoman707

    4 Day Old Neonate In Crisis - Pooping Formula Just As Soon As Eaten

    catsknowme You know me well enough to know that giving up is never an option, and clearly you are giving it all you've got. My posts sound rather grim at times but I have seen so much I just hate to give false hopes. A situation like this is not a good one. The fact is, whether this baby makes...
  10. catwoman707

    Cat Sometimes Breathing Rapidly, Noisy And Mouth Agape

    It does sound like congestion, and when it's hot out I take a washcloth and wet it with cold water and lay it across my cat's back.
  11. catwoman707

    Ear And Fur Mites

    You need to careully clean that gunk out. Just as a vet will do, take a tissue over your finger and place a dot of alcohol on it and hold the ear tip up, dive in and swipe the ear out. Revolution btw is topically applied but actually is absorbed in liver and why it works for a month.
  12. catwoman707

    5 Day Old Kitten Not Pooping No Matter What

    The oil works well and if it doesn't take care of the problem then an enema with 50/50 warm water and oil in a small 1.0 ml syringe no needle of course, insert the tip end in to butt and push the plunger. Within a day or so they will poop. If not repeat once. It is very common for babies going...
  13. catwoman707

    4 Day Old Neonate In Crisis - Pooping Formula Just As Soon As Eaten

    I don't have a good feeling about the outcome for this baby, I'm sorry to say. I could be wrong too, but whoever spotted them the first day and left cold and without milk for so long would have unintentionally sealed their fate. It would not be unusual for the baby to hang in there for a couple...
  14. catwoman707

    Need input - FIV+ and FIV- cats living together. Risks/Concerns

    It's been SO long since our chats way back in the Orville times, I see you have a new addition?? What a cutie! How's things?
  15. catwoman707

    Blood or red jelly-like substance in cat stool.

    Actually it's caused by coccidia, an intestinal parasite and needs ponazuril (by far my drug of choice) to get rid of it. The key word was jelly-like. NOT carrots or beets. Very common for shelters to have and spread, as well as herpesvirus/rhinotracheitis.
  16. catwoman707

    Will My Cat Be Safe If I Bring A Stray Inside?

    Sounds like you describe a Tortie, which are female. Fighting is due to these cats not being fixed which is critical for their well being and your sanity.Otherwise the fighting and abcesses, urine marking and unwanted babies will be ongoing. Males fight viciously and itend on doing great harm. I...
  17. catwoman707

    Are Fleas Just Not Dying This Season?

    Evidently fleas are able to become almost immune to a flea treatment and have survived through Frontline several years back then advantage 11 which I swore by for many years, suddenly stopped working. So on to the next one. Revolution still works, so we use that now with my rescue group. Yes it...
  18. catwoman707

    Fcks In 3 Week Old Kitten. Is There Anything I Can Do For My Flat Chested Baby?

    Hi there, Pick the kitten up by the scruff with your left hand assuming you are right handed, and turn over so still holding scruff but kitten is laying in your palm now, tummy side up. With your right hand, with your thumb and first 2 fingers, feel the outer rib cage. Gently squeeze the ribs...
  19. catwoman707

    Help Needed In Japan

    Absolutely they can get along just fine with proper introductions. Ferals are fearful of humans only, and of course the things that go along with us, indoors is strange and intimidating, the vacuum lol. But other cats are completely familiar and usually quite welcome. The standard protocols for...
  20. catwoman707

    Help Needed In Japan

    It definitely sounds like you've got your hands full! I apologize for the delay in replying to @Norachan 's mention of me as possible help/suggestions. At 3 months old, they are not likely to tame enough to be adopted/re-homed easily. Their mental development by now has it set that they are not...