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    OMG Is this sad or what? Must Read!!!!

    Kitten crusher gets six years By REID MAGNEY / La Crosse Tribune . The man who stomped on a kitten's head will spend six years in prison. Citing Randy Lee Whitney's "absolute lack of remorse," La Crosse County Judge John Perlich sentenced him to prison Tuesday, citing the need to protect...
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    Lost Kitten

    I wasn't sure where to post this, but today is the most sadest day of my life. My little Jasmine is lost. we don't know what happen to her and we havent' seen her the last twelve hours. She isn't meowing and I have looked in every crook and nanny looking for her.
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    Kittens Climing on Screens

    My two month old Jasmine started climbing onmy screens, the back of my furniture, and my curtians. I've been trying to get her to stop by saying no and then putting her down on the floor, so she knows that this isn't allowed. Does anyone else have any other ideas on how I can keep her clawing up...
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    Let me introduce myself

    Hello my name is Donita. I am married with one son. I am also a mommy of one cat named sassy(and yes she is a very sassy kitty and thinks she rules the house) and one kitten named Jasper. and my my they are a handful I love cats so much that I would risk my life for them like I would for my...
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    Kitten vs. Heating duct

    My two month old kitten went in the heating duct and i have no idea how to get her out, the heating ducts are big enough to manuever around in so she can't get stuck. I have open all the vents and put food out for her, figuring that she will come out enventually if she can find her way out...