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  1. Bella's Mommy

    Cat bites my leg

    sometimes my cat would walk over to me and just bite my leg for no reason is that normal?
  2. Bella's Mommy

    Cat eye gunk

    Is it normal for cats to get eye gunk my cat always gets gunky eyes after she sleeps should i clean it or leave it be?
  3. Bella's Mommy

    New litterbox with new litter

    my dad brought my cat a need litterbox and it has new litter inside it different than the litter she is used to how do you interduce her to it? my dad thinks that she might not use it he even put poop from her old box inside her new box on the new litter
  4. Bella's Mommy

    How Does Your Cat Wake You Up In The Morning For Food?

    Mine wakes me up by knocking over her picture of have of her off my table by my bed than she knocks the tissues over than my trashcan what does yours do to wake you up?
  5. Bella's Mommy

    New Member

    Hi there i am the mom of a pretty calico cat named Bella :D