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    Just wondering

    sitting here at the computer and Panter came in to tell me I forgot to scoop the poop! Does anyone else cats do this. I mean he will sit here and stare at me, then the litter box, then me until I scoop! Then jumps in does his deed and runs off.
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    Has anyone evr seen this...PLEASE! WORRIED!

    I have an appt. with vet Friday at 3:00. Problem Destiny is acting very strange. Up to date on all shots. Heres the problem. She is eating very well, running playing acting normal. But last night while she was a sleep on the chair she just feel off, my husband said that he saw her do this one...
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    Declawied Mishap? Anyone heard of this!

    A friend of a friend took her cat into the vet to have it declawed. Once home she noticed one of the paws turned under and very limp. The cat did not seem to be in pain. She went back to the vet and was told that he may have wrapped it to tight or may have damaged a nerve. He stated he was going...
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    Spayed and seperation question

    I just had Destiny spayed and I have been keeping her seperated from my boys. How long should I keep her seperated. She seems to be doing fine and wants to play with the boys. I hate keeping them serperated the boys know she's home, and they lay by the door and meow at each other. My vet said a...
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    Hi New Member

    Hi I am new to this. Just a cat owner and cat lover for 22 years that loves to talk cats. Hoping I can learn and help.