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  1. tilly tiger

    need advise 1 of my cats has been missing since sunday

    could anybody help me. My oldest cat tilly i last sore on sunday and not seen her since and im getting very worried about her. do cats go away to die or she could be stuck somewhere good vibes please
  2. tilly tiger

    which type of dog do you have with your cats?

    its just a question i thought i would ask. i have a 8 and half year old jack russel bitch that has been brought up with cats and was wonderin if anybody else has dogs with their quite litlle ones
  3. tilly tiger

    ive just seen somethink whilst i went away

    ive just come back from havin a night in my tent with my daughters and ive seen someone take their cat on holiday does anybody else do that?
  4. tilly tiger

    before i moved one of my queens would go out but not scince we moved?

    just a quick question could anybody give me any help. I moved about 8weeks ago prior to movin both of my spayed queens would go out but since movin my youngest queen Dotty has become a house cat. She sits on the window and ive even opened the window and left it open for her to go out but she...
  5. tilly tiger

    happy easter sunday

    happy easter sunday everyone. im sittin here eating a bacon and egg sandwich and beein watched by my 2 cats and my jack russell and they are all droollin
  6. tilly tiger

    how many of us on the site knit?

    ive been knitting for i think now about 20 years. i was tought by my gran and now i hve children of my own i hardly ever buy jumpers or cardis
  7. tilly tiger

    ive moved

    hi everyone just thought that i would let you all know that i hve now moved and what a GREAT house warmin party i had and thanks to you all. My 2 cats tilly and dotty hve settled in very well to their new surounding.
  8. tilly tiger

    house move

    hi everybody just to let u all know that as from friday i may not be in for a bit cause im moving to my new place not far from where i live now. so as u can guess im up to my eyes in packin and there will be a party as well when i am settled
  9. tilly tiger

    happy birthday to other members for today

    i would just like to say happy birthday to other members of the site that celebrate today with me and yes i am 21 again lol
  10. tilly tiger

    whos cat dribbles?

    i was wondering if anybodys cat dribble? My oldest cat tilly whos about 4-5 years old when she is being fussed she has a tendersy to dribble does anybodys elses cats do strange things whislt bein fussed?
  11. tilly tiger

    can any body help me with tryin to post kitty pic please?

    i hve got some kitty pics to post but im not sure how do do it help please
  12. tilly tiger

    can anyone help me due to move in a few weeks

    can anyone give me some advise cause im due to move in a few weeks and am i correct tht i should keep my 2 cats in my new plcae for 2 weeks? and should i keep them in before i move? Help
  13. tilly tiger

    hi tilly tiger here

    hi tilly tiger here and new to the site and just thought i would say hi