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    Online Medicine?

    Hi all. Is there a place online where I can order medicine without a prescription? Scenerio: New feral (black cat I call "Sinbad") accepted into group who I've just gotten to trust me. I see that his eyes are very infected and weepy. I would like to apply a topical antibiotic. I know I'm...
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    Colony not accepting stranger

    Hi. I 've been caring for a feral colony for about a year. Have managed to TNR 3 of the 4. After a year they all trust me and I can actually pet them. Over the past two weeks, a strange cat has been showing up to eat. I try to feed him away from the others, but the unneutered male is very...
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    Help, please!!!

    I live in a trailer park and have been caring for four ferals for about 10 months now. I've had them all TNR'ed, and they're all finally trusting enough to let me pet them. The bad news is that I just found out that the trailer park where I live HAS BEEN SOLD TO A DEVELOPER. What happens to...
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    Generic Food?

    I give my indoor cats Nutro, but if I fed this to the ferals I'd be broke. I get cheap canned food for $2.99 a case at Ollie's. Am I a horrible person? The label says, "is formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO". Is that sufficient for ferals?
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    Feral Love Bites

    After seven months, one of the three ferals I've been caring for finally started letting me pet him a few days ago. Today he started gently biting my fingers while I'm petting him. Is this a sign of fear, aggression, or trust? Just curious....BTW, he did have his rabies shot when I took him...
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    Mothball Pellets?

    Do mothball pellets really deter cats? My neighbor has been throwing the feral cats' waste into MY yard....i'm willin to buy her the pellets if they really work....hubby doesn't want a "litterbox" in the yard...arghhhhh!
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    More Neighbor Trouble

    Once again, my cat-hating neighbors are complaining about my four ferals. They say they are climbing all over their vehicles making paw prints and scratching the paint. One is threatening to call animal control. I'm so afraid for these cats that I've grown to love. Any advise? Thanks!
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    Feral Fun

    I've been caring for four ferals and a stray since last winter. I've had them all spayed/neutered and tested for FIV and leukemia but one, and he's next (as soon as i can catch him, the little bugger). The stray comes and goes as he pleases in and out of the house. Two of the three ferals now...
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    Fat Yet Starving

    My female cat has "chunked up" since having her spayed in January. I've been feeding her Nutro Weight Control pouches (one per day) and maybe one or two fistfuls of dry Nutro Weight Control food (this only if she makes me feel really guilty). She's constantly hungry! Is she just playing me or...
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    Cat Lax Question

    My Emmitt had been hacking up hairballs every three to four days. I've been giving him Cat Lax every day for the past three days, and he seems so much better!! My question is: is it safe to give this to him on a daily basis? He LOVES it! Thanks!
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    What's your favorite CHAIN restaurant and why? Mine is Texas Roadhouse because they have awesome ribs!
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    Best Friends

    Check out this link: This is a wonderful place. I've been a supporter for years and would love to actually go for a visit one day, but I'm afraid I'd come home with a few more "kids". In case the above link doesn't work, just type "Best Friends Animal...
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    Chewing like a termine

    My 2 year old female just recently started chewing things....magazines, paper, fishing line, computer cables, etc. She has plenty of toys, so I don't think it's boredom. I'm afraid she's going to chew an electrical wire and get zapped. Why is she doing this all of a sudden? Should I spray...
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    Most Unique Names

    Just sitting here reflecting on the cats that have owned me. There was "Somethin", who I got from my uncle. He told me there were originally two cats but ""somethin' happened to "Nothin" and nothin' happend to "Somethin". I also had a Russian Blue named "Smog" Anyone else care to share your...
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    Gettin' some lovin?

    Who has a cat in their lap RIGHT NOW?? I do!
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    Hi! I live in northeast PA with my two indoor cats, Emmitt and Sheba. I'm also caring for four ferals--Buster, Casper (he's white), Momma (had a litter of four), and Toby. I've T/S/R'd three of the four and hope to catch the last one next week. I wish I'd hit the lottery, because I'd buy a...
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    Wiley Feral

    Hi! I've been feeding four ferals outside my house since the winter. Over the past two weeks, I've managed to trap 3 (2 males, one female) and had them speutered. There's ONE left, a male, who just won't go into the trap no matter what I put in there. Since the female is spayed, should I...
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    Talking to the toy

    My male cat carries his furry toy from room to room, all the while yowling. Then he'll sit it down and look at it while crying. Anyone know the reason for this behavior, or is my guy having a gender identity crisis?
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    Unhappy Neighbors

    I live in a trailer park, and have been caring for four ferals. My neighbors have been complaining (not to my face, COWARDS) that the cats are doing their business in their yard. I'm worried that these EVIL neighbors may harm my "friends". Is there any deterent I can advise them to use to...
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    Smelly Hairballs?

    I'm worried about my 8-year-old male. He's lost a lot of weight and has been puking up very FOUL smelling hairballs--with a brown liquid. It actually smells like feces. I've had cats all my life, but have never experienced this. Is it cause for concern, or simply intestinal obstruction...