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  1. Bella's Mommy

    Just checking if my kitten is healthy

    He is very cute whats his name?
  2. Bella's Mommy

    Cat bites my leg

    7 or 8 not really sure since i got her from an animal shelter they listed her as a 1 year old when i got her
  3. Bella's Mommy

    Cat bites my leg

    Its when i'm taking dishes to the kitchen she would come out of no where and pounce on my legs but it happens sometimes not often she would make an excited noise and pounce
  4. Bella's Mommy

    Cat bites my leg

    sometimes my cat would walk over to me and just bite my leg for no reason is that normal?
  5. Bella's Mommy

    Successful introduction

    Thats good that there getting along :)
  6. Bella's Mommy

    Remembering Krista

    I'm very sorry for your loss :(
  7. Bella's Mommy

    Goodbye, Sparta!

    Sparta is now reunited with his brother Loki sad that he passed though
  8. Bella's Mommy

    Hi all!

    Welcome to the forum! :D
  9. Bella's Mommy

    My baby has gone. I am so lost. It's agony

    I'm sorry for your loss i'm sure he's watching over you :)
  10. Bella's Mommy

    Old member of catsite Happily returned

    Welcome back! she is a very pretty kitty
  11. Bella's Mommy

    Sexing kitten

    I would say thats a Calico and calicos are always female
  12. Bella's Mommy

    Feral cat had babies in trap

    i would get her to a vet to make sure the mom and kittens are okay
  13. Bella's Mommy

    What breed ?

    i would say he's just a short hair kitty
  14. Bella's Mommy

    12 week old Kitten gender ?

    How to Tell Male & Female Kittens Apart this should help you out but i would say its a female
  15. Bella's Mommy

    Cat eye gunk

    Is it normal for cats to get eye gunk my cat always gets gunky eyes after she sleeps should i clean it or leave it be?
  16. Bella's Mommy

    April 2020 book of the month club

    i have read this book a lot of times i love it! :D
  17. Bella's Mommy

    Sex of kitten

    Its a girl :)
  18. Bella's Mommy

    Safe Travels, Little Skittles...

    I am sorry for your loss :(
  19. Bella's Mommy

    Honcho and Rio

    Welcome! :D