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  1. terestrife

    Weird cat anatomy question

    Hello. I know this is a dumb question. I have a 14 lb cat that i avoid carrying (she hates it and shes heavy. ) lol I had to carry her a while back and underneath her arm pit area i felt a tiny bump, is this where her nipple would be located? She was spayed at 3 months old and never had...
  2. terestrife

    Ticks Indoors - Sprays?

    Hello, I live in Miami. We have a tick infestation in the garage and have been using multiple methods to get rid of the bugs. The problem is the ticks have gotten into the house. We find around 5-10 of them a day inside. I tried home defense and adams spray and neither seems to work. I put...
  3. terestrife

    Cat carrier vs Cat stroller?

    hello, I have to toss my two cat carriers. I am looking to buy new ones. But ran across a cat stroller. I have back problems. So i figure i can put my two cats inside during vet visits. I have a big pet tube in the back seat of my car that both cats and a litter box fit. Just need something...
  4. terestrife

    Fumigating house

    Dont know if this is the right place to post this. My sister is looking into fumigating the house for bugs (ants/roaches etc). Does anyone else do this? Are we meant to evacuate the house? Not even sure where i would take my cats.
  5. terestrife

    My cat chewed up the belt of a kimono

    I dont think she ate it, as my cats dont really eat strange things. But she chewed it enough to shrew the belt apart, the length didnt seem shorter. Its just a thin fabric belt (the fabric is the same as a kimono). Should i worry? I know some things can get tangled in a cats intestines. Should i...
  6. terestrife

    4th of July - anxiety ease products?

    My cats are always petrified and running around every 4th of july. I dread this day all year. I try putting the TV high, and tried a sound device that does white noise/rain etc. Nothing works, they are just in a panic all night long. Are there any safe products that will calm them? i dont want...
  7. terestrife

    Help with loose baby gate

    I bought a baby gate to keep my nephew away from my cats food/litter box area. But it seems very loose. I couldnt put it flush to the ground because of the moulding. Does anyone know how i can fix this? I was hoping someone had experience putting up baby gates for the pets. lol Product name...
  8. terestrife

    Pet gate for large door way

    I have to find an option to put up a gate in a 45" doorway. I need it to have a cat opening (the area leads to their litter box, I don't want them having to jump in.) I can't seem to find what to put up. Plus some gates are so expensive. If there's alternatives let me know.
  9. terestrife

    Cat Mate: flies

    My last feeder would close and open with my cats microchip. I had to switch her to a catmate so she could have food all day and stop her begging. But now from time to time i see flies on her food. She eats all her food fast. But she leaves crumbs that she likes to come back to and lick up...
  10. terestrife

    Safely defrosting raw chicken?

    Hello, i usually just bring home meat, grind it, and put it away. The day i bought it, i didnt have time to grind it, but didnt want to risk not finding meat again with everything going on. Do i defrost it in the regular fridge? Outside the fridge? Does anyone know how long that would even...
  11. terestrife

    Automatic feeder: cat still begs for food

    I dont know what to do about my cats begging anymore. Thankfully she has stopped doing it when i am sleeping. But in the afternoon she begs for two hours until her wet food feeder opens. I dont go near her feeder until its time to fill it. At 8 am i add the food for the night, and at 8 pm i add...
  12. terestrife

    How do you teach a toddler to respect or leave the cats alone?

    My nephew is going to be 2 years old in September. We spend all day yelling No! at him when he chases the cats, or goes after them with his toy cars. its frustrating, he has been spoiled by his parents, and doesnt listen. I tried to stop him from throwing a box on himself and he keeps screeching...
  13. terestrife

    How active is your cat?

    I have two cats. Kitty is going to be 9 years old in december, shes around 14 lbs. Elsa is a street cat, but shes younger than Kitty. Shes around 9 lbs. I see Elsa around the house throughout the day. Kitty is always in her bed. I see her being most active 2 hours before breakfast, dinner, and...
  14. terestrife

    Thank you to this community

    Every time i come on this site and see posts about cats in trouble, diagnosed with cancer, or having scary life threatening symptoms. It makes my heart race and fills me with sadness and fear for these cats, and for the pet owners. I always see people immediately rush in to help. People i...
  15. terestrife

    Running to litter box

    My cat Elsa is an ex street cat, she gets scared by noises, and by people approaching her. Its not uncommon to see her running in fear. Im the only one that she allows near her. I am home every day now and just noticed that she sometimes walks to her litter box, and other times i see her run...
  16. terestrife

    Work advice, free overtime?

    I hope my post doesnt upset anyone, as i know so many people are without jobs. I am grateful to still have my job so i hope its ok to post this. --- My question: i work for a college as a secretary and we are going remotely. My college is very picky about people not doing overtime and only...
  17. terestrife

    Will we have to switch to canned food?

    I'm not sure what to do. I have been feeding my cats home cooked food for years. I have the powder supplement (ustew). But food is so scarce right now. I have enough grinded chicken for maybe 1-2 months (not exactly sure). I was going to go find more chicken thighs but feel guilty that someone...
  18. terestrife

    weird question: how to tell someone you dont want to visit their house?

    i know that sounds weird. but theres a new coworker that i am friendly with and he wants me to hang out at his house. No its not that i fear he will try anything, he isnt attracted to women. lol Hes a nice person so it has nothing to do with him. The thing is, i was raised to not be hanging out...
  19. terestrife

    Cat treats freeze dried cheaper options, alternatives?

    I like giving my cats freezer dried chicken. I know what's in the treat and doesn't sound that bad. Its not cheap tho $30 for 5 oz. Anyone have any ideas? I searched for recipes and they all have flour and unneeded ingredients.
  20. terestrife

    Will a cat use a used litter robot?

    I have 3 litter robot machines. I have 2 litter robot II and both have issues. Just bought a LR III. Im considering giving one of my old LRII to a coworker (it's having issues he might be able to fix.) Will his cat use it? The machine has been used by two cats for many years.