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  1. trillcat

    Hi Cat People

    Been bit since I was here, lots of reasons, I just wanted to say I am doing OK. I miss you all.
  2. trillcat

    What is the most amamzing thing you have seen in the sky?

    I would go for the Leonid storm of 2002. so amazing! Most of the show was bloked for me fog and clouds but, a big but at 4am, the clouds broke, and I saw the most amazng thing I have ever seen in my life. there was not one spot in the sky not filed with shooting stars, full on metor storm.
  3. trillcat

    My points are up for grabs

    All of them, to the person who can answer this question. What is my first name? Be the first to answer and you get my points.
  4. trillcat

    Easter Lillies

    Beautiful but deadly to cats. By the time you see symptoms of poisoining, it is too late. It causes massive kidney failure, and nothing can be done to help if not caught IMMEDIATLY. My best freind lost her beautiful maine coon cat to this, she told me he just bit a little bit of one leaf, no...
  5. trillcat

    New Bones, I'm a geek.

    Arrrgh, the previews! Arrg how long it's been since a new episode! The previews of course make it look like Bones and Booth kiss. Jeeze, has everyone else become so bored of the will they won't they thing? Either throw the two of them into bed, FOR REAL (TV real) and not a coma dream, or scrap...
  6. trillcat

    My Lucky Bamboo Had A Baby!

    I am delighted! I have had this plant, oh gosh, 10 years or so now. It has survived many moves with me. It doesn't do much plant wise that is very exciting as far as plants go. Very slow growth, veeeerrrrrry slow. When it puts out a new leaf it is a cause for celebration. It's OK though, I love...
  7. trillcat

    Does my butt look big in this pic?

    Sometimes you want to take a cute pic and what you see with your eye doesn't exactly match what you get as perspective just gets the better of ya.
  8. trillcat

    Hi Cat People! (long post)

    I have been off the board for almost a month now, just wanted to check in! Doing OK, Ginger is her normal...errr, lovely self. I love this cat so much! Just like Mommy. We are fine and dandy. Health problems for me have been resolved, I hope for good! Strep gone, heart rate still high normal...
  9. trillcat

    Your Top Time 5 Ever TV shows!

    The ones you love or love to hate we can go back years. but lets keep it civil. Black Adder Monty Python All in the Family Soap Angel
  10. trillcat

    Fun From Jon Stewart On the Election

    Scott P. Brown, Martha Coakley of course, This was before he won. Its a funny watch though. *runs from the mud slinging to begin*
  11. trillcat

    I Want to Go To Haiti

    Does anyone else feel this way? SO helpless while watching what is going on? I am only CNA with no passport and no experience in disaster zones, but I feel I could be a help. The docs and nurses are running 24/7 with all the wounded. Just keeping up with basic needs like getting them to the...
  12. trillcat

    Someone Suggest Meals for Me!

    LOL, A bit silly I know, but I had far too much time to kill waiting for a bus (an hour) while shopping, and I got far too much stuff! I have: 2 green pepers 2 red peppers Mustard sprouts (yum , just the right amount of spice, kind of like horse raddish) Alfalfa sprouts mushrooms (button)...
  13. trillcat

    The Coolest Thing Ever!

    After getting a book from a mystery person, it got me to thinking about a site I had seen years ago. Bookcrossing. It's where instead of all your old books getting dusty on the shelf, or like me, sitting in a box, all the words there never to be read again, you "release" the book into the "wild"...
  14. trillcat

    I Got a Mystery Gift Today!!! (01/19)

    Well now, was not expecting this! I don't think it's a Secret Santa thing, unless it got really, really, really held up in shipping. Looks to be more of a "You kind of freaked out on us there and I hope this helps you feel better" kind of a thing. Either way, very cool!!!! It's the book "Women...
  15. trillcat

    Earthquake Devastates Haiti

    I am in tears, oh my god, just oh gosh. I didn't watch the news all of today, I had no idea this had happened till I saw it in another board. This link is graphic
  16. trillcat

    Grrrrr... tampered with mail!

    I put out a letter for the mailperson to pick up, putting it above my mailbox slot as I always do, and as others here do as well. Some tore it open! Looking for money I am guessing, there was none in there. This happened Saturday morning, yea, I am just getting around to venting about it now...
  17. trillcat

    WTH?? Cat foot Attack!

    I took a nap, and was woken up by a small demon scratching and biting my foot!! ?? She has never done this, ever, she sleeps on my feet! Maybe I kicked her in that twitchy phase of sleep, but jeeze, over kill kitty cat!! I am so itchy where the scratches are!!!
  18. trillcat

    Oh dear, hair color gone wrong

    I am a calico!!! In life, the ends are not black, nor is the top of my head, it is a very strange prismatic color. In some light, it looks orange, in other light, a very pretty bronze. In the sun, it's gold, in other light, it's red! In my bathroom mirror, it's almost a green brunette drab...
  19. trillcat

    I'm OK (long post)

    Hello everyone, back from the brink of hell. I went to a doc, a clinic, I walk past it everyday and did not know what it was, I thought they just did planned parenthood there. I was told almost 99.9 percent sure, I had a strep bacteria gone wild. I was sick with a nasty flu/cold (so I...
  20. trillcat

    OH Cuss word, Cuss words !!!!!

    The bad night gets worse, Cuss words!!!! The toilet has flooded again, 3rd time in a month. Not my doing, lol , it's the bad pipes, It ruined a lot of my stuff storred in my closet where the bathroom water runs off into. So we have me here with a panic attact, freaked out my parents, cant...