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  1. snowpawprint

    cats reacting to other animals-post your videos and pics!

    it doesn't have to be of your own kitty,like the above picture,but it would be nice to have some of your own fellow pets!
  2. snowpawprint


    Someone please help I don't know what to do... My kitten/cat has gone missing for about 24 hours now.we let her out at night and called her back in after an hour but she didn't want to come in.after a few hours we called her but we couldn't find.we tried again after a few hours and then again...
  3. snowpawprint

    new here with a cute kitty

    hi i just signed up... i have a kitten a egyptian mau cross the reason i found out about this site is because i was browsing trying to find out how to stop cat intruders any suggestions please let me know!