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  1. CL56

    Malwarebytes Blockage For Site ?

    I started getting this pop up box today : I can still access everything but each page change or refresh gives the alert box If someone can identify it as a part of this site I can exclude it... Thank you
  2. CL56

    I'd Like To Introduce Louie !

    It's been almost 6 months since I had to send my Merlin over the Rainbow bridge. My Friday went like this... I don't know if I am ready yet... ...but I might go visit when shelter opens Well, we went to the shelter. The said he had been sent to "a franchise Pet Store" to see if he could get...
  3. CL56

    Forever Merlin's Mom

    Hello I found this site while researching a bump on my 16 year old Merlin's bottom. Joined Dec. 27th but haven't posted. Merlin was a rescue in 2003. He literally reached out from his cage and cried for me when I walked by. He was not adoptable as he had just been brought in - but I put my name...