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  1. Adrieemarie

    Neutered male peed on himself

    So I got my 7 month old neutered today, he came home, still drugged and went potty but ended up peeing on him self, tail all over his legs because so drugged that he looks like he’s disabled (back legs). They said he can’t groom himself or lick but do you think I can use a wash cloth to clean...
  2. Adrieemarie

    My cat is pregnant after a miscarriage ? Updated

    she miscarried about 1 month ago, honestly I didn’t mark it, she had 2 babies, and my Friend who works at wild life animal for me, but she not a license vet, looked at her because (I myself was pregnant and going thru another miscarriage so I wasn’t in a good mindset, and honestly I’m out of...
  3. Adrieemarie


    Found him when he was about 3 weeks old because he barely walked. The first picture is December 4 (a week or so after getting him) and the second is December 6 and today it’s clear and hair is growing back. But he does have a couple spots on his face I have use the shampoo and ringworm cream...
  4. Adrieemarie

    4 month old kitten pregnant???

    I have a 4 month old kitten and found 3/4 month old male about 2 weeks ago I was told by many vets in town they wait until the female/ male to get closer to 6 months old before I can get them fix and I should be safe on pregnancy. I thought she went into heat a few weeks ago, But the last few...