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    Possible feral cat rescued from outside

    I trapped a cat that was outside a week ago. I live in Metro Detroit in we were going to get hit with a pretty bad rain/ice storm the night I trapped him. He's in my guest bedroom right now. He had been coming by my front porch since late summer and he can't be over a year old. I leave food and...

    Very Skinny Found Sick Kitten

    On Sunday, a lady contacted me through Facebook asking if I could help with a sick kitten who keeps coming by her yard. She wasn't able to keep it and didn't have the means to take it to a vet. Despite wanting to just sit around and watch NFL football all day, I agreed to let her bring it over...

    Ziggy The Foster Fail

    I wrote this piece about my foster fail, Ziggy for Petco's annual holiday contest. I went to submit it last night and they said there was a 500-word limit. Mine is 1800-words. Even though I can't submit it for the contest, I still wanted to share it. My wife and I agreed to foster Ziggy, a...

    Litter Box Issues With Foster

    My wife and I took on a foster cat back in January. I've posted about Ziggy here before. He's older (going on 10) and we are at least his third home with multiple stops at the same cat shelter as well. He is a super awesome little guy. But he poops outside the litter box. And he's so overweight...

    Foster Cat Is Pissed

    I took in a foster cat tonight. I have three resident cats and a foster kitten who is in a separate bedroom. The couple who dropped him off stayed for about an hour and left in tears. They didn't want to give him up but he's been having litter box issues and he was not getting along with their...

    Prinnie Bean, Ruler Of The Haüs Of Moore

    I'm fairly certain Prinnie had a past life in ancient Egypt and the Egyptians based the Great Sphinx on her. This would also explain her superiority complex.

    Ok To Let Stray Cat Out After 1 Week?

    I took in a stray male cat last Sunday and he's currently residing in one of my guest bedrooms. He had been coming around for about a year and I would leave food and fresh water out for him. He is pretty friendly but wouldn't let me get too close. I had been planning on trapping him and bringing...

    Advice On Taking In A Stray

    I'd like some advice on taking in a stray cat who has been visiting my condo for about a year now. I currently have three other cats, all about four-years-old. Ralph, a semi-fluffy black cat, adopted first, and Bear and Prinnie, brother and sister Siberians, adopted about a year ago. I live...

    Help! Cat Chasing And Hissing At Other Cat

    Hello all. I need some advice for some behavioral issues I'm currently having between my cats. I have three: Ralph (male), who was adopted first almost two years ago, a standard slightly-fluffy black cat, and Bear (male) and Prinnie (female), who were adopted together about a year ago, brother...