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  1. dicknleah

    Emmie has gone to the bridge

    1 week ago yesterday Emmie died. She got sick again with that dreadful liver disease and this time her little body couldn't take it. We went to visit her at the hospital and shortly after I tube fed her she vomited then had a massive heart attack and died. Rest in peace my little angel.
  2. dicknleah

    Emmie has liver failure.

    I need all of your healing vibes please. We took her to the vet this AM and I still haven't heard back yet but she's real sick and has a slim chance of survival. I'm at a loss right now and can't give details about Emms and the others but if you search for my old posts you'll meet her and her...
  3. dicknleah

    Cats take their time for eeeevery thing..

    As we know, when stalking, or even looking for a place to relax, they take their time. Today, Buzz proceeded to sniff each and every inch of my clothes as I paciently waited for him to finish sniffing. THAT never happened, but Buzz has a feel for me now! He blows off the dogs and goes straight...
  4. dicknleah

    Just keep away...okay?

    I don't need to explain how most of you view the Pacific Northwest but Dang! It is awesome during the summer months. Hot for us is 80+, which it's going to do next week but hey! it's just a roadbump in the road. Today was mid to upper 70's, perfect I might add, and the dogs are frolicking in...
  5. dicknleah

    Happy biirthday Buzz...again

    He's 4 now. What a hansome guy he is. He and Emmie are waiting to get into my room, they never do. Buzz was part of of ferel group if kitties that were born 4 years ago. All of his litter mates and cousins died from distemper. He! is the only survivor!
  6. dicknleah

    Happy birthday girls...

    I can't believe that Emmie and Missy are 3 years old already. I remember when they were just 8 weeks old and just the cutest babies when I spotted them at the Dog-O-Thon/kitten adoption event. Here they are eating and completely ignoring me. Alright, I finally got their attention, sort of.
  7. dicknleah

    Missy's not so good night......

    I must have left the sliding door open too long on Saturday because guess who escaped? My husband got up early Sunday morning and he heard some major meowing. He checked every room, closet, and cabinet to see which cat was trapped. As he was passing through the family room he glanced at the...
  8. dicknleah

    I have a kitty cop!

    One of my cats, Emmie, is my pain in the butt of the group, (dont get me wrong, I love her tons). She is constantly pestering me and messing with my stuff. ie: knocking things off of the counter, chest, window sill, computer table.....well you get the picture. Just a few moments ago I was...
  9. dicknleah

    Kennel license?

    I've been informed by the County Auditor that I am over the limit of pets that I can have. Well, I knew that but when The Humane Society was in control of the licensing of pets they never really inforced the law. When the Auditor took over I checked the laws and sure enough I'm 3 over the limit...
  10. dicknleah

    She does this on purpose...

    Emmie again. Lately she has been following hubby downstairs in the mornings to eat her breakfast and go potty. She then comes back upstairs to my room. Well she's outside the room because I have my door shut. As I'm rounding up the dogs and getting ready to leave the room Emmie bolts in while...
  11. dicknleah

    It's been a while....

    But I've been taking pics of my dogs and not the cats so here are a couple of new ones. Buzz I cant believe that I've had you 3 years next week. Such a pretty boy. Emmie getting her catnip fix How much is that kitty in the window. Missy being laid back
  12. dicknleah

    It's raining Robins.........

    OMG the crows are invading the robin's nest in the green belt behind us and dropping the the babies into our yard. This went on for about an hour and the parents are still back their screaming. We cant find the nests as the brush is too thick. One of the babys has died as a result of Niki...
  13. dicknleah

    My new foster...

    Hi everyone, meet Alex. He was at the PAWS shelter when they contacted our breed rep. He asked me if I wanted to foster another Border Collie since I had adopted Pepper out. I agreed so without further ado.........
  14. dicknleah

    Happy birthday girls......

    Emmie and Missy are two years old today. Hard to believe that when I adopted them two years ago July that they would turn into such beautiful little girls.
  15. dicknleah

    Dang it!

    Flea season means tapeworm season and now I have to treat the cats. I just discovered the worms, on Emmie. See ya pocket book. With 4 dogs and 5 cats, flea and tape treatment is quite spendy. Just a rant, thanks.
  16. dicknleah

    My cats are boring!

    Everyday I come on here and read about the adventures of all of your kitties and wish I had something to write about. My cats are boring, they never do anything but lay around or demand food and attention. Except for Emmie of course, she's just plaing annoying.
  17. dicknleah

    My fosterdog

    I have been fostering a Border Collie boy since last November. I will be meeting a potential adopter tomorrow and I'm just crushed. This is my first foster and I'm sure it will get easier but this boy is very special to me. Meet Pepper
  18. dicknleah

    Emmie again......

    She was a major pill today. Not only did she disrupt me and my mouse, computer mouse that is, but she stood, at attention, outside of my shower until I was done. I openned the door and got a big MROOWW! from her. I then proceeded to go put my contac lenses in and that was not without Emmie, as...
  19. dicknleah

    What hand are you

    Two threads in one day. Whooda thunk? Any way I wanna know. I'm left handed, very!
  20. dicknleah

    1000 finally!

    I made it.