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  1. alice lilly

    Introducing Gizmo :)

    What a pity... Maybe she thinks about them sometimes.
  2. alice lilly

    Introducing Gizmo :)

    Yes, Gizmo is really pretty cat! Has she any brothers or sisters?
  3. alice lilly

    Hello from Nevada!

    This is a great story! And I hope that your birthday present behaves good!  What a pity that other kittens died (
  4. alice lilly

    Hello from Nevada!

    Hello, Jessica! Your Hetfield is a handsome boy! Welcome, both of you! )
  5. alice lilly

    Damur can do some tricks

    I've taught my cat meowing by a command! ) I want teach him counting to 5 or at least to 2!
  6. alice lilly


    Hello, you are really kind people if you decided to foster those kittens! But what would you do when they are grew up?
  7. alice lilly


    Hello Rayjan, and welcome! I think your sister will change her mind when she see a little meowing kitten ) 
  8. alice lilly

    Isn't this too cute ?

    She is really cute! What is she drinking?
  9. alice lilly

    Brandon the king

    He is a handsome boy! And i like his face )
  10. alice lilly

    Crazy Damur in the bathroom

    He rolls over the floor!
  11. alice lilly

    Damur eats with his paws!

    He wants to be a human, so he behaves like a hungry child )  
  12. alice lilly

    Cute ? :P

    Yes, the kitten is cute! But can you tell about it a little more? Is it he or she, and what is it's name? 
  13. alice lilly

    Hello and need a little advice

    This is a really horrible story... Tammy was a beautiful cat, and I think it was a clever decision to let her go. Because it is dangerous to have such injuries for a cat. Your wife will calm down in a few months, it was a real stress to her. I think you should adopt a kitten, and it would...
  14. alice lilly

    This is a real furball ))

    Thanks, yours too )
  15. Damur in the air

    Damur in the air

  16. 05_12_2009 008.jpg

    05_12_2009 008.jpg

  17. alice lilly

    New cat owner...why didn't I do this sooner? lol

    Maybe you could take them another season )
  18. alice lilly

    New cat owner...why didn't I do this sooner? lol

    What a sad story! But I think it has a happy end ) Your Oreo is a handsome cat and he is very brave, if he has stand all those suffers
  19. alice lilly

    tabby or more?

    She is cute! Unfortunatly, my cat is a grumpy (