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    Worried about my cat’s eye

    My cat’s left eye is pink and itrritated, a little glassy. I noticed this morning that he was keeping one eye closed this morning, then it looked fine throughout the day until about 12 hours after first notice this am. NOW, it looks pink. He is behaving normally and doesn’t seem to flinch if I...
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    Kittens Have Stopped Eating Wet Max Cat Food Chicken???

    Hi! I have a question. I have been feeding my kittens for their entire 11 months the same thing; and they have always preferred the wet cat food (max chicken) over the dried food(I know not the best choice..Purina kitten chow). I use and now have a surplus supply of the wet food...
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    HI, is anyone familiar with Cherastin? My vet said it is fine, she has treated her own cats with it for years and prescribes it often and has never encountered even a small problem. This I do not need a Rx for and it is somewhat less $. Apparently there is a bad review about it killing a cat...
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    Fleas Revolution Not Working

    my Complex sprays a pesticide every two months to get rid of roaches and spiders, does this kill the fleas and flea larvae in the carpet? It seems there are much less fleas, as I am not finding flea dirt everywhere, but there are still live fleas on the kittens. I never realized this could be...
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    Botched Neuter?

    hi, something does not look right. I just got two males neutered and brought them home. I had to run out and did not get a chance to see the insicions. When I got home about an hour later both of them tried just moving on and off the bed still wobbly from anesthesia. My orange cat looks like...
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    Switching To New Flea Prevention Medicine

    How long should I wait? I gave them some OTC drops about two weeks ago. They did not work at all. The vet gave me Revolution to administer but wasn’t quite clear on if I should wait a full 30 to administer the new medicine. I don’t want to harm their nervous systems by applying too soon, but...
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    Suggestion For Fl Flea Treatment Please

    I applied a flea treatment that did not work about 10 days ago. I went to the vet and they gave me Revolution. They said not to apply it for at least two weeks. I have been combing them with Dawn soap water. Would it be a good idea in the meantime to buy capstar and flea spray my house...
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    One Problem And Then Another

    i have had kittens and cats my whole life and I have never had any of these problems before. First it was ring worm. Then fleas. Now they are peeing in my bed everyday, I am starting to doubt my choice in getting these kittens. I have not owned a real bed in years as ai have been traveling on...
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    Need To Board Or Bring On Flight But Not Vaccinated

    my kittens are too young for vaccinations and are scheduled for mid January when they get neutered. I am only doing rabies and distemper. What are my options for either boarding or flying with unvaccinated kittens? Will a boarder accept unvaccinated kittens? I saw JetBlue doesn’t require...
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    Trained Kitten Suddenly Peeing/pooping In Bed And Shower

    everywhere but the litter box, lol. They have ringworm and I have had to shuffle them around a bit. I also closed up a crawling space that they were hiding in and now (2 feral male kittens) one is not doing M.F. his business where he knows too. Any thoughts? I have had them for 3 weeks they...
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    Any Suggestions?

    appeared on JackS the other day and on Ripple this afternoon, any ideas? Not mites or fleas, looks like ringworm. Getting concerned.
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    Any Ideas...sending To Vet

    jacks little gray kitten male woke up with bald spot the other day and now Ripple with same thing. It looks lovely me ringworm, don’t think it’s mites and they aren’t scratching. Ferrell meals. 12 weeks and 8-10z. Keep mad concerned
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    Two Feral Cats - Help Getting Them To Socialize

    Hi, I have two feral cats. I brought them home and let them out in my room where I had it all set up. They are anywhere between 6-10 weeks old. They found a little crawl space that I did not know about under the cabinet. They will not come out when I am around. I want to get them out and...