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  1. VinceL

    Peeing in litterbox; often pooping outside litter box

    Our 13 year old cat Lexi has been dealing with diarrhea problems for a few months. She has seen the vet multiple times, and he has tried multiple medications to calm her digestive tract. She has mild-to-moderate renal failure. Our vet wanted to avoid steroids, but nothing else has worked so...
  2. VinceL

    Our Christmas decorating has begun

    We have landscape lights all along the sidewalk from our driveway to our front door. I change the bulbs in them for various holiday seasons. In early October the white bulbs were replaced with orange and purple bulbs. This past weekend, the orange and purple bulbs were replaced with red...
  3. VinceL

    Our Clyde is such a.....Clyde!

    Clyde is 10 years old, yet he still behaves like a kitten. He loves the plastic balls with a bell in them that Walmart sells. Every night, as soon as we turn out the lights in the bedroom, he finds one of the balls (there must be 20 of them scattered around the house) and starts playing with...
  4. VinceL

    Halloween 2019 And Cats

    Summer has come to an end. That means fall, and fall means Halloween. This will be our first year to have a Halloween Tree. We put down white shag rugs under our Christmas Trees. When I got one of the rugs out for the Halloween Tree, Clyde and Loki went nuts. I guess they...
  5. VinceL

    Today Is Clyde's Birthday

    Our furball Clyde was born on August 12th 2009. Today is his 10th birthday. Here he is playing with a toy earlier this year at our Florida condo. When my wife gets home and our daughter comes in from the pool, we will have a little birthday party for him. Catnip and special treats for all...
  6. VinceL

    Five Most Memorable Concerts we have a thread going about picking 6 bands for your dream concert. Let's keep that thread going and add a related thread. For this thread, list the 5 most memorable concerts you have ever attended, and describe what made them so memorable to you. My 5 most memorable concerts are: 1...
  7. VinceL

    Does Your Cat Trill?

    Our cat Clyde often trills when he is active (playing, running, jumping). His trill reminds me of tribbles from Star Trek.
  8. VinceL

    Cat Water Consumption

    I wasn't sure if this is the correct forum for my question. It is about nutrition, but water intake not food. We have a Catit Flower Water Fountain. If you are familiar with them, you will notice that I have extended the stem of the flower so that the water travels further. Our 2 girls who...
  9. VinceL

    Are Your Cats Interested In The Dishwasher?

    Dishwashers are very interesting to our cats. When our cats were kittens they just had to check out the dishwasher. :kitty: Loki when he was about 6 months old: Bonnie (about 8 months) & Clyde (about 18 months): I've never seen Lexi climb onto the dishwasher door.
  10. VinceL

    Checking Out The Kitchen Sink

    Here are Bonnie and Clyde checking out our kitchen sink... Bonnie likes to drink from the faucet, but Clyde can't figure out how to do it. He just sticks his head in the water and lets it run over his head.
  11. VinceL

    Do You Have A "cat Wall"?

    In our home we have a "cat wall" where we hang cat-related signs. We also have our Kit-Cat Clock on this wall. In the middle is a painting our first cat, Cocoa. That is his collar on top of the frame. Our daughter surprised us by having a local artist paint it. I recently had problems with...
  12. VinceL

    Just Registered On Thecatsite Today

    I have been a cat lover for over 25 years. My wife and I never had cats in our homes when we were growing up; our parents had dogs. One day a cat "followed" our daughter home from the bus stop. We caught on pretty quickly that she was feeding him. Our 3 kids wanted to keep the cat. I told...