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    Please help. Anyone in the US involved with TICA?

    There is a very questionable breeder I need some help with. She needs guidance or to have her cattery license revoked. She’s allowing her queens to breed with ferals and strays. Has had two queens give birth to 3 litters in a year. One was within an 8 month timespan with the first litter being...
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    Pectus Excavatum

    Thought I’d share this. Last year I had a kitten diagnosed with pectus excavatum. The hope was that he’d reach 2 pounds so he could have corrective surgery but his chest caused one of his lungs to collapase at 5.5 weeks old and his functioning lung was pushing on his heart and compromising it...
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    Is This Discharge Normal?

    Picture posted below. I have a pregnant foster cat who started having a light green discharge 24-36 hours ago. I figured she was losing her mucus plug when I first noticed it but it seems like it’s been going on for quite a while. It’s not coming out consistently but I’ve seen it 3-5 times...
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    Smoke Kitten?

    Just out of curiosity, do you think this kitten will be smoke when she’s an adult? She’s a foster and will be spayed when she’s 8 weeks and 2 pounds. I’ve fostered a lot of kittens but never any that look like her or her sister.
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    Sparkly Kitty

    He sparkles. Any geneticists on here?
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    Back Leg Deformities

    anyone know of or have experience with this type of deformity? The radiographs of the pelvises are 2 different kittens.
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    How Long After Last Litter Should Someone Wait To Breed Again?

    What is generally an acceptable amount of time after a cat gives birth to breed her again? I know of a lady whose cat gave birth January 12, June 18, and again December 1st. She’s a new breeder and trying to create a new breed. Is it normal to have litters that close together? 3 all born in...
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    Question About Breeding Short Tailed Cats

    I know that breeding two tailless cats is a big no-no but what about two rumpy risers? I am not looking to breed. There is a lady in the area trying to create a new breed and I've noticed she is breeding cats with very short tails. I thought this was to be discouraged but all I can find online...
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    How Reliable Is Ringworm Pcr ?

    Hello, I have a pregnant foster cat who may have ringworm. The shelter usually doesn't send ringworm cats to foster but since she is pregnant along with a couple other reasons, I have her here in my bathroom. She didn't fluoresce under the wood's lamp any of the three times they checked her over...
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    Help identifying this please

    About 2 weeks old. Bottle baby. Not mine but a friend's foster. He had a small cut that was almost completely healed over then this happened. Any ideas as to what it might be? He'll go to a vet but at this time is not acting any different and it is not bothering him.
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    Pregnant cat BAD dermatitis

    My foster has scratched herself raw. Probably a flea allergy gone untreated. She has been given revolution. Is there anything I can put on the sores? I can't seem to get her to stop licking them and a cone is not an option at this point.
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    Wet food causes diarhhea

    I am at a loss for what is going on with one of my fosters. She is a momma of 3 eight week olds. They have perfect poops and yes, as a foster parent who has had to deal with way too many groups with yucky runny stool, I am thrilled to have this bunch of diarrhea free babies. However, their momma...
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    Salmonella question

    I have been told that feeding raw can be dangerous for humans which wasn't surprising but they said that it's dangerous because the cat sheds it in their feces and then a human can be affected. Seems to me like simple hygiene could prevent this issue. Like washing your hands after cleaning the...
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    Question about seeing kittens moving

    I have read varying answers to the question about how soon you can see kittens moving in mom so I am wondering if anyone with experience can tell me how soon they saw kittens moving. I can't for the life of me remember how soon I saw them moving in my last foster cat. I've looked over as many...
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    What color kittens could this cat have?

    Feel free to move this. I wasn't sure where would be the most appropriate to post. aI am fostering a pregnant kitty. She's a pretty girl. She should be due any day. Her milk is in and the kittens are moving around like crazy. This isn't my first rodeo so I'm not stressing but am trying to pass...
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    Help! Coccidiosis

    My fosters have been diagnosed with coccidiosis. Poor babies. They all got marquis paste today and one is now on metronidazole. I have a couple questions. I will be cat-sitting a couple of older cats for a friend of mine next week in their home. Will I be putting them in danger if I wear the...
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    incontinent kitty - help -

    Hello, My foster cat is incontinent. Less than 1 year old. Born this way. Seen a vet. Radiographs show a small abnormality along spine near tail. I've recently been told that there is a small possibility that surgery could correct it. I know I am not giving a ton of information here but am...
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    Anyone familiar with bethanecol?

    My foster was just started on it. I've read some good reviews but was wondering if anyone on here has had any experience with it?
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    Anyone have room in their hearts for a special needs kitten

    Hello:). I'm currently fostering a special needs kitty. I would just love it if he could find a home instead of going to a sanctuary. He's incontinent but a total lover. We are starting him on some meds that may help. Let me know if you or anyone you know of in the northwest (United States) may...
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    Tail amputation question

    Hi! Here is some background: So my foster kitten is incontinent and SLIGHTLY wobbly due to a neurological condition. I express his bladder several times a day. He recently had his tail removed because he was biting it so hard it would bleed. He didn't have much control of his tail and it sort of...