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  1. Kittycatcat

    When will my cat give birth roughly?

    How cute!! ❤❤❤
  2. Kittycatcat

    Just checking if my kitten is healthy

    He's beautiful ❤💙
  3. Kittycatcat

    Is my cat pregnant or what??

    Her nipples don't particularly look any different to a non pregnant cat however the fact she ain't spayed means there is every chance she could be pregnant and maybe only a couple of weeks. I'd get her off to the vets and booked in for spaying. Good on you for taking her in though 😊
  4. Kittycatcat

    Cat Mastitis

    Those kittens really shouldn't have left Mama until 12 weeks old, it's far too early for them to be rehomed at 6weeks. I would get Mama to the vets, she looks sore! Also get her booked in for spaying ASAP, she'll be back in heat soon.
  5. Kittycatcat

    Rescue kitty and babies!

    Hi there, I got my Mama cat spayed two weeks ago, kittens were 10wks old and still nursing and still are occasionally. Anyways what my vet was telling me is with a nursing mama they do what is known as a flank spay (basically they go in from the side, instead of a typical spay where they go in...
  6. Kittycatcat

    When will my cat give birth roughly?

    Such a good mama ❤
  7. Kittycatcat

    When will my cat give birth roughly?

    They are absolutely beautiful 😍 ❤
  8. Kittycatcat

    When will my cat give birth roughly?

    Fantastic 😊 So happy things seem to be going well. At least with them being different colours you'll have no problem identifying them. Cannot wait to see some pictures 😉 I bet your delighted.
  9. Kittycatcat

    When will my cat give birth roughly?

    How they doing? Has she got more to deliver? Hope she's coping alright. Lots of love to Mama cat. 💗
  10. Kittycatcat

    When will my cat give birth roughly?

    Yay, how's things going? Hope all is well. ❤
  11. Kittycatcat

    67 days ??? Pregnant or not ??

    So sorry to hear that you lost one, how devastating!! These things can happen though unfortunately and like you say at least you were there to rush him to the vets. Its fantastic news that little Pippin made it and is thriving 😊 (Do you have a photo of the little sweetheart?) How old is he now...
  12. Kittycatcat

    Indoor cat has fleas

    You want to use a good spot on treatment, I like Advantage has it kills fleas with a couple of hours. You probably want to treat your entire home too with something like Indorex flea spray (do one room at a time and keep the cat out for a few hrs before letting it bk in) Ideally you want to...
  13. Kittycatcat

    Boy or girl name?

    Hello, I'm 10 weeks old now and growing so fast, I just love to climb & play 😺
  14. Kittycatcat

    What colour?

    He's absolutely beautiful ❤
  15. Kittycatcat

    Help get ready for vet visit?

    When she was last de-wormed and flea treated. Sometimes worms can be responsible for diarrhea so they'll want to know this.
  16. Kittycatcat

    Rescue cat possibly pregnant?

    Here's Mama 😊
  17. Kittycatcat

    Rescue cat possibly pregnant?

    Thanks for all the advice 😊 Everything going well today, she doesn't appear in any pain and has given no interest in her incision. Kittens strangely haven't tried to feed which is usual but I think its because she came home smelling different and very medical. I'm going to try and sell the...
  18. Kittycatcat

    Rescue cat possibly pregnant?

    Oh and my vet is also happy to spay the little girl we are keeping at 4 months old so it's all good.
  19. Kittycatcat

    Rescue cat possibly pregnant?

    Thankyou, I thought the suit was a good idea at the time, 1 because the kittens wouldn't be able to feed with it on and 2 because its alot better than the stress of wearing a cone, how wrong I was. Anyways thankfully everything went okay with her operation and she can live a happy easy life with...