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  1. Talien

    Corrupt a Wish

    Everyone is the picture of health, illness and disease no longer exist.....but everyone's IQ drops into the double digits and Idiocracy is no longer just a funny movie. I wish anarchists would spontaneously combust. The secret is to picture it all as a cartoon or stick figures.
  2. Talien


    Any kind of smoke really, but you'll want it to be constant and last for a while. If anyone smokes cigarettes that would work, or you can just burn some green wood and leaves in a coffee can and set it near the outlet. Probably want to take the batteries out of any smoke detectors before trying...
  3. Talien

    Sicky Kittens - Failure to Thrive

    If they didn't get enough oxygen while tied up in the bag they may have suffered from hypoxia, which can lead to brain damage. That could explain their arrested development.
  4. Talien

    Question of The Day. Saturday 17th of October. (Oops, I nearly forgot version)

    It's the hair too, it's not just an optical illusion. My beard is darker than the hair on my head and face, if you look close you can see the color transition from my facial hair to my beard. So we both have brown, black, and white hair, though she currently has a lot more white hair than I do.
  5. Talien

    Question of the Day, Sunday the 18th of October, 2020

    I'd sell it to someone else, I can make better use of money than going somewhere for a week.
  6. Talien

    Corrupt a Wish

    It empties itself by coming to life and vomiting dishes all over the floor. It also refuses to ever clean dishes again because they taste bad, and it swears a lot. I wish career politicians would spontaneously combust.
  7. Talien

    Corrupt a Wish

    You now live the same day over and over for eternity, with all the time in the world to get things done. I wish drunk drivers would spontaneously combust.
  8. Talien

    Corrupt a Wish

    Nobody feels sadness, everyone is always angry instead and the entire human race ends up murdering eachother in fits of uncontrolled rage that would put the Hulk to shame. I wish people breathed water instead of air.
  9. Talien

    Having Second thought about my first new kitten.

    A Kitten being hyperactive and wanting to play a lot is normal, infact a Kitten that just lays around and hides is probably ill or injured and should be taken to see a vet. How old is he? Kittens younger than 8 weeks (really should be 10) have been taken from their mother too early and have not...
  10. Talien

    Getting a Kitten raised on Raw Food!

    If she's being fed a diet that includes organ meat and bone then she shouldn't need the supplements, that's added to mixes that are not nutritionally complete on their own. I would, however, suggest ditching the dry. Even if it's "high quality" grain free Cats generally do better with a set...
  11. Talien

    Corrupt a Wish

    It's so cheap everyone is able to afford it, and it's so reliable that it even has a "favorites" setting to save a number of places. Unfortunately this results in rampant telefragging when 70% of the population explodes after favoriting various fast food places and they all try to teleport to...
  12. Talien

    Corrupt a Wish

    A neverending stream of Cats from all over the world make a pilgrimage to your house to empty their litterboxes onto your lawn. I wish people who flick cigarette butts out of car windows would spontaneously combust.
  13. Talien

    Corona Virus Now Spreading

    It helps if you don't pay attention to national news, it's mostly opinion piece crap without much actual news anyway.
  14. Talien

    Raw food and bladder stones

    I have, it's the same stuff just cooked instead of raw. I wouldn't use it to free feed though, no preservatives or additives means it will go bad, I wouldn't let it set out for more than an hour or so.
  15. Talien

    Raw food and bladder stones

    15% bone is already a bit high, but 19%? That's.....a lot. I wouldn't feed that to my Cats either. I'm quite happy with Balanced Blends after they changed their formula to cut out the plant based ingredients, my Cats don't have any problems with it either so it's what they get. The only issue I...
  16. Talien

    Corrupt a Wish

    You have a very comfortable car, but it's shaped like a giant baby carriage and the chauffeur speaks in baby talk. I wish animal abusers would spontaneously combust.
  17. Talien

    Should you wake up a cat with nightmares?

    Put a blanket over your Cat, then wake him up. He'll probably be confused for a few seconds but it's better than being bitten or scratched up.
  18. Talien

    Skunk in the garage

    I'd say minimum 3 feet, and make sure there's nothing nearby that can be climbed on. A Cat can easily jump 3 feet up (most counter tops are around 3ft) but there's no way a Skunk will be able to.
  19. Talien

    Skunk in the garage

    Skunks don't actually frighten easily, it's probably not going to spray unless it's actively antagonized. As far as getting it to move on, yes, they aren't very good climbers so adding shelves or ledges to put the food on would eventually make the Skunk move elsewhere. As long as the food is...