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    Is Snoring a real problem?

    All mine snore, Ebony and Panter are the loudest! Ebony likes to sit on the back of my chair when I am reading a book, I was reading a Steven King book "Pet Cemetary" all alone in the house really deep into the book when out of the blue Ebony let out a snore that scared the you know what out of...
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    Theres something wrong with Kareem

    My male cat did this once took him 2 days to get back to normal, what happened was we have a patio door in the kitchen they love to sit by and the neighbors huge red dog got loose and was on our back deck. This happened twice the first time we were at work and could not figure out why he was...
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    kitten biting "purr pad"

    I'm not sure about how long a kitten teeths but I know that when I take in kittens that age they will shred anything and everything. I dare not leave a magazine on the floor, paper sack, newspaper it is fun to watch them with the magazine I just have to be sure they don't get any in the mouth. I...
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    Dilema with heavy heart

    what a beauty, this is just a guess but when i was younger my mom got a retired police dog and he started doing pretty much the same thing we found out he had arthritis (sp?) real bad, he lost all function of both bacl legs. It took awhile before we found it out. Just an idea.
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    Personality Traits

    Sometimes I wish I were a nicer person - Occasionally I have a mean, sarcastic streak to me. I can also be very cynical. This is me I am too nice and people walk all over me. So I wish I could be more like sometimes.
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    Anybody play hide and seek?

    Panter and I play. The best is when we play with the cat tree. He will hide behind one of the posts and peek out at me and I will do the same. I have to be more careful now because last time he smacked me in the face with his paw.
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    Has anyone evr seen this...PLEASE! WORRIED!

    Hi All well even tho I thought she was getting better in my eyes the vet wants to keep her so that he can keep an eye on her for a few days. I just hate that I do not like leaving my babies at a vet yet I know it for her own good. I wrote down every little thing I noticed when I took her in...
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    Night time Lovin'?

    Yep! Panter does that usually around 2 or 3 am he wants to snuggle and rub, he will take his face and just rub on my chin and cheek, lay down on my pillow and purr and his purr sounds like the sound the little germlin made in the movie. Differant from his normal purr.
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    I'm so sad :-(

    I can't be of much help here I have no birds, but I do have 3 persians. Panter is a very layed back cat, but when a bird got in the front door one day I have never seem him move so fast. He had the bird down on the floor before I even realized it was in the house. But I have a friend who has...
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    A new season of House

    I LOVE THAT SHOW! I'll be watching.
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    Does your cat play fetch?

    I voted other Ravin used to play fetch, the other 3 nope.
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    I am so sick of my so called friends! (rant)

    I Agree with all above, if you try saying NO for awhile you will find out that these girls will be gone on their own, and not your true friends.
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    Need Strength Vibes

    I have done some work for Ft. Campbell and have met some wonderful people through this work. One of the units was suppose to leave the first of this month. My thougths are with you and all that must go back. Sending you some STRENGTH!
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    Has anyone evr seen this...PLEASE! WORRIED!

    Hey jcat I think you may have been right about the med's. this morning she got her dose and 1/2 hour later "blacked out" she has not done it all all today except for the first time this morning. been 6 hours no black out. Last night she did it 3 to4 times that I am aware of. So she does seem to...
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    Has anyone evr seen this...PLEASE! WORRIED!

    I pretty much guessed it would not be the treats. Just a good hope. I called the vet again just because I am so worried not that she has gotten worse or anything has changed. Just for piece of mind I guess. He told me if she seemed to start doing it more often tonight or Sunday and if it was...
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    Has anyone evr seen this...PLEASE! WORRIED!

    hi everybody, well I just do not know what to think now. Vet said she had an inner ear infection gave me med's. (Liquid moxi) Been giving it to her. But last night and this morning it happened again, I will not let her out of my sight been watching real good. Last night he was on the chair with...
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    I feel like I haven't done enough...

    Same here! I believe you can NOT ever be prepared for events such as these. All you can do is to try to help the best you can. Every little bit helps.
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    Just wondering

    sitting here at the computer and Panter came in to tell me I forgot to scoop the poop! Does anyone else cats do this. I mean he will sit here and stare at me, then the litter box, then me until I scoop! Then jumps in does his deed and runs off.
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    Has anyone evr seen this...PLEASE! WORRIED!

    Just got home from work, everything seems fine she met me a the door went straight to her food treat dish inhaled it, and is now in here laying on the floor beside my chair. She is a very very hard sleeper so I just assumed that was it. Can't wait for vet to see her just to be sure. Going to...
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    Has anyone evr seen this...PLEASE! WORRIED!

    Hi Sharky, Thank you very much!