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  1. dicknleah

    Emmie has gone to the bridge

    I got her ashes back today and it was the first time I cried since her death. The place that did the cremation is pretty nice as they boxed her up in a nice cedar box and gave me Rosemary herb smelly stuff which I don"t quite understand but that smell will always remind me of Emms.
  2. dicknleah

    Emmie has gone to the bridge

    1 week ago yesterday Emmie died. She got sick again with that dreadful liver disease and this time her little body couldn't take it. We went to visit her at the hospital and shortly after I tube fed her she vomited then had a massive heart attack and died. Rest in peace my little angel.
  3. dicknleah

    Emmie has liver failure.

    Her Bilirubins are down from the initial 34 to 3.3. Normal is .4. Emmie can come home this Saturday if all stays well. Her Anemia is still not good but she's eating, on her own, her full doses of food now which is good.
  4. dicknleah

    Emmie has liver failure.

    Emmie was not obese, atleast the vet didn't think so. Her sister is much more fluffier but I think it's the fur deception. As far as not eating, since they all share the same feeder it was impossible for me to tell whether she was eating or not. I just assumed they were all eating normally...
  5. dicknleah

    Emmie has liver failure.

    A nother updade. We went to visit Emms today and she is READY to get out of the hospital. We showed up just in time for her excersise time and she is definately showing cabin fever. She wanted out to explore the entire builiding. The doctors are going to limit her feeding by tube starting Monday...
  6. dicknleah

    Emmie has liver failure.

    Well, almost 3 weeks later Emmie went through allot of setbacks and BS...If you know what I mean. Today, she has finally showed her true self, feistyness and all, and she ate some of her own food. She also ripped out the feeding tube. The staff was so use to a sick and sweet kitty that they...
  7. dicknleah

    Emmie has liver failure.

    Thank you Sibohan2005. Very interesting read.'ll be tube feeding her for weeks? Yikes! It'll be worth it all if she pulls through this.
  8. dicknleah

    Emmie has liver failure.

    Thank you everyone for your responses and good vibes. I spoke with the vet today and she said that Emmie responded well to the catheter and IV fluids they administered last night. Today Emms was sitting up and purring which is a huge improvement from yesterday. They are going to put a feeding...
  9. dicknleah

    Emmie has liver failure.

    I need all of your healing vibes please. We took her to the vet this AM and I still haven't heard back yet but she's real sick and has a slim chance of survival. I'm at a loss right now and can't give details about Emms and the others but if you search for my old posts you'll meet her and her...
  10. dicknleah

    Cats take their time for eeeevery thing..

    As we know, when stalking, or even looking for a place to relax, they take their time. Today, Buzz proceeded to sniff each and every inch of my clothes as I paciently waited for him to finish sniffing. THAT never happened, but Buzz has a feel for me now! He blows off the dogs and goes straight...
  11. dicknleah

    Just keep away...okay?

    I don't need to explain how most of you view the Pacific Northwest but Dang! It is awesome during the summer months. Hot for us is 80+, which it's going to do next week but hey! it's just a roadbump in the road. Today was mid to upper 70's, perfect I might add, and the dogs are frolicking in...
  12. dicknleah

    Happy biirthday Buzz...again

    He's 4 now. What a hansome guy he is. He and Emmie are waiting to get into my room, they never do. Buzz was part of of ferel group if kitties that were born 4 years ago. All of his litter mates and cousins died from distemper. He! is the only survivor!
  13. dicknleah

    I witnessed a flying murder!

    Nature is hard to deal with sometimes. Poor birdie. Last summer a robins nest was ambushed by crows on our back property. It was raining baby robins for about 10 minutes, as the crows kept dropping them . Niki, my female Border Collie, kept running to the babies and would pick them up so I'm...
  14. dicknleah

    Doggie Dieting Tips?

    How much should your dog weigh? I have found that the measuring charts on dog food is way too much. I feed my 40-60lb dogs 1 cup of Chicken Soup for the Dog Lovers Soul twice daily. You may want to have her thyroid checked as well. Buddy Bear, my overweight Border Collie had gained 15 lbs over...
  15. dicknleah

    Happy birthday girls...

    I can't believe that Emmie and Missy are 3 years old already. I remember when they were just 8 weeks old and just the cutest babies when I spotted them at the Dog-O-Thon/kitten adoption event. Here they are eating and completely ignoring me. Alright, I finally got their attention, sort of.
  16. dicknleah

    Missy's not so good night......

    I must have left the sliding door open too long on Saturday because guess who escaped? My husband got up early Sunday morning and he heard some major meowing. He checked every room, closet, and cabinet to see which cat was trapped. As he was passing through the family room he glanced at the...
  17. dicknleah

    How Do Cats Get Fleas?

    My dogs will bring in fleas that get to my felines if I don't treat everyone. That's ten doses and real pricey but worth it.
  18. dicknleah

    Pileated Woodpecker

    Very Cool! We used to get alot of those around here but we quit feeding the birds because Quki kept ambushing them. One year a mom and baby hung around one of our suet feeders and we watched mom teach baby how to eat. It was real fascinating.
  19. dicknleah

    Those durn Cowboys!

    I guess they wanted to lose more than the Seahawks did. Great game, although I truly feel sorry for Tony Romo.
  20. dicknleah


    I would steer clear of Banfield for anything. They're microchips can't be read by many scanners. All of my furkids have the AVID chips.