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  1. gapeach

    What color do you call this one?

    The bottom grey kitten with the brown face?
  2. gapeach

    Youngest fosters I've had

    Five babies, their feral mom was found dead, she bit through an electrical wire. Only one has his eyes part way open. Even the youngest I've had before always had open eyes. Is it normal for them to open very slowly and be kind of cloudy?
  3. gapeach

    New fosters!

  4. gapeach

    Help me get some zzzzz's, Please!

    Our cat Zoey is one year old. She has slept with me for some time now, with minor issues. She would wake up with me at 5:30 am, when the alarm for my husband to get up. After he left she'd never go back to sleep. She would pat my head, knead on the bed or bite me to try to get me up. I didn't...
  5. gapeach

    Last two of my litter of five, please help

    Our litter of five was found at the shelter at one week old. They had coccidea and ringworm.The first one passed the day after we got him. All were put on albon. The 2nd and third passed at approximately 6-7 weeks. They were on albon for a month. After Ranger passed away, the remaining two...
  6. gapeach

    Ranger joined his brothers on the other side

    Coccidea took another of my foster litter. I knew he was starting to go. The vet said there was nothing to be done but what we were already doing. Albon, keeping him warm and I rubbed kayro on his gums. His diarrhea had gotten worse. He was still eating and drinking well right up to the end, my...
  7. gapeach

    Charlie and Thomas

    Left at the shelter while no one was there. They had just opened their eyes. These two from their litter of five, have passed. Thomas died in my arms the day after we got them. Charlie made it until 6 weeks old, but he never got much bigger, only woke up long enough to eat and wet his bedding...
  8. gapeach

    Bottle babies, teaching to drink from a dish

    I have fostered bottle babies a couple of times now. Some figured it out sooner than others. But these are having the worst time! They eat canned food from a dish but won't drink! Still drinking from a syringe. I put the dish down with kitten formula, put some on my finger and rub it on their...
  9. gapeach

    Balding patches on 3 week old orphans

    At first it started on one side of their mouths. I thought maybe I was wiping them off too hard. Then I thought maybe they were suckling or rubbing on eachother. But there are more patches than before. They had fleas when they came, but I picked them off until there are none left. Bathed them...
  10. gapeach

    foster babies

    These are our newest fosters. The black/white/brown one I know is a tortoiseshell. And the black/white bi color. But not sure of the other two. Top left is Siamese? Top right was white when we got him at one week but gray markings appeared over both eyes and down his back. Is he Siamese?
  11. gapeach

    Need a rescue pick me up?

    This is Darla, she is one of a litter of four who were born feral. One by one they came down with eye infections, so the mom abandoned 3 weeks old. I took them in and applied meds to their eyes, bottlefed and wiped bottoms. They all had a miraculous recovery and were adopted to great...
  12. gapeach

    Vidia goes to Petsmart

    Vidia debuts at Petsmart tomorrow. Hope she finds her purrfect family!
  13. gapeach

    Horrible news today

    We foster kittens for a small rescue that doesn't have nonprofit status. Our adopters sign a contract : keep inside, up to date on shots, spay and neuter and if rehoming they come back to us. Usually in leu of a fee the rescue asks the adopters to just take the kitten /cat to the vet upon...
  14. gapeach

    Need prayers,vibes,good thoughts for Vidia

    Our latest foster Vidia came home from the shelter with an upper respiratory infection. She is running a fever and very congested. She's staying at the vet's all weekend.
  15. gapeach

    Playing in the litterbox?

    Zoey has one litterbox in our bathroom. For awhile she kept trying to use the bathtub if she was in the front of the house. So I got her another litterbox and set it up in the laundry room. A few times she's used it. But as of yesterday, every time she goes in there...she digs like mad...
  16. gapeach

    Zoey has a new skill

    Today Zoey figured out how to open a cabinet. She got in the one under the kitchen sink and got stuck in the glue trap for flies!! I gave her a long soak in a warm bath. Just a tiny bit remained, I snipped it off with the scissors. We will definitely be getting some cabinet locks!!
  17. gapeach

    Never rubs and will bite

    Zoey will swish her tail and bite me. I guess this means she doesn't want to be petted? But sometimes even while I'm petting her and she's purring she will bite. Also she never rubs on us, on very few occasions she had bumped my hand with her head (maybe twice) We have had her since 2 weeks and...
  18. gapeach

    Back from our first vet visit with Zoey

    Zoey has ringworm (another foster had it. He was quarantined but we got it and past it to her) hookworms, roundworms and ear mites. She is all doctored and had her shot.Weighed 3.2 lbs. She's growing like a little weed. Extra sleepy tonight, I guess from the medicine in her shot?
  19. gapeach

    My first bigger ferals

    I went to pick up what was supposed to be two feral babies just weaned. What I got was about a 3-4 month old kitten and a quite older possibly half grown cat. My only other experience was with a group of feral kittens that were only around 2 weeks old. We had them calmed within 30 minutes and...