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  1. Ceeedge

    Adventures In Tnr Land.

    We are currently working on getting the feral colony in the neighborhood park TNRd and I thought it would be a good idea to get a thread started to seek advice when needed. Like now! We got into kitten foster last year when we had a pregnant stray wander in my home office and refuse to leave...
  2. Ceeedge

    Kitten, You Were Not A Forgotten One And You Were Loved.

    This little kitten has been on my mind. I wanted to write a post about her. She was a feral for most of her short life, but for one day she was loved and held and named. She was not anonymous and will not be forgotten. We are a (newish) foster, so our kittens are not usually with us long. This...
  3. Ceeedge

    The Other Kids

    I have shared so much with ya'll I thought it would be fun to intro you to the other fur babies as well. Be prepared, I take far too many pictures of my animals. Zoe: Zoe is our goofball. She came into my life four years ago with my GF, and she is approx 7 years old. She is a Weimaraner...
  4. Ceeedge

    Pregnant Stray Decided She Lives Here Now.

    Long story short the neighborhood kitty has moved into my home office and I think she is about to pop. I have spent the last day or so familiarizing myself with what is going to happen, but I am still damn nervous. We have decided to take over the care of Pretty Kitty (name is still in the...