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    Winter sleeping box w/ space blanket?

    What with the thread about sweaters for cats, has anybody made up a sleeping box for their cats, lined with one of those Mylar space blankets? Seems the cats would like it, as the blanket is highly reflective of body heat. The combination of a corrugated cardboard box with a warm place to hang...
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    How many of your cats can you get to purr at the same time?

    Just wondered if any of you have tried this. I have three: One has a good loud purr, the other is okay and the third, well, you often have to put a finger on his throat and feel for the vibration. He takes a lot of effort to get going. I only seem to be able to get two purring...
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    Weight Loss Diet For Cat

    I have a porker, who's on a diet. He's doing well, perhaps too well. I'm afraid he may been losing too fast. He was about 6 kg. I haven't weighed him lately, but he seems to have lost a considerable portion of his belly quite fast. How much weight should a cat lose in a period of time, say...
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    Eating Dryer Lint!

    I have a bad little girl who likes to make like an alley cat and raid the trash basket in the kitchen. This morning, I caught her eating a big ball of dryer lint I'd put in there yesterday. Most of it is cat hair anyway, but is there anything else in the lint that might present a problem? I...
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    Treatment Of Cat Having Eaten Too Many Onions

    I had been discussing this over at the nutrition forum. I figured somebody might answer my question or the moderator might move it here, but that didn't happen. I'll ask here. The eating of onions is supposed to destroy red blood cells in cats. I wonder how this illness is treated if the cat...
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    Tractor Supply Got Good Cat Food?

    I always liked shopping at TSC, but their nearest store was about 20 miles away. They just opened a new one in the next township, only about 4 1/2 miles away. I went over there and looked around. I've heard some people say that TSC's house brand cat foods are pretty good. The big problem was...
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    Conflicting Behavior--any Ideas?

    Sir Eats-A-Lot is a fixed male about three years old. His "me" time is together with me while I'm on the "throne" in the bathroom. He usually flops down and rolls over for belly rubs. While he's there, he "air-kneads" but simultaneously flaps his tail aggressively on the floor. That's...
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    Food Transition

    We had kittens when I was a youngster, but mom always took care of seeing they got fed right. Now, I have a nine month-old kitten. When should I start moving her from kitten food to adult cat food? She doesn't free-feed, and gets three meals a day with her "brothers." I already feed her some...
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    Cat Anesthesia?

    What do they give cats for general anesthesia for spay and neuter surgeries? Some people say their cats come home all dopey and stumble around drunk. I've seen videos to that effect. Mine all came home within a few hours of their procedures and acted normal. Maybe some vet clinics give cats...
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    Reverse Engineering A Cat

    I didn't know where to put this, so if it's in the wrong forum, please move it. Anyhow, I took in a little stray orange kitten last fall. I believe she was born of a feral in the neighborhood, and I'm trying to figure out which of them were her parents. She's all orange, with medium-length...
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    How Long Until Spay Operation Is Fully Healed?

    My kitten's spay recuperation seems to be going along swimmingly, but I was wondering how long it will be until she can be considered fully healed. It's been nine days today.
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    What's Up With This Non-recognition Behavor?

    My kitten, Meep, had her spay operation yesterday. Everything's going okay except for the worst non-recognition behavior I've experienced between her and one of the other cats (Sir Eats-A-Lot). He's been growling, hissing and bopping her on the head whenever their paths cross. He even got...
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    Caught Cat Eating Marmite

    I caught my cat licking up Marmite that had spilled in the kitchen. I know it's very salty and that can't be particularly good for him, but does anybody know if there's anything else in Marmite that would be injurious to a cat?
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    Kitten Using The "big Boys' Box"

    I found my six week-old kitten using the litter boxes used by the mature cats here. At what time should I consider getting rid of her little kitty-sized box and making the switch for good?
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    Better Late Than Never

    I've been posting for about a year now, but never could figure out how to get pix off my phone. Now that's been figured out and I figured I should send some of the cats about which I've been talking. Sir Eats-A-Lot: Chesterfield: Orange:
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    Took In A Foundling This Morning

    I just got back from the vet with Orange, the tabby kitten I found crying on the driveway this morning. I need some direction as to how often to feed her and other general care. She'll eat wet food, but I haven't had her long enough to find out if she'll eliminate on her own. She gets around...
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    Anything In Fruitcake Bad For Cats?

    My two piglets went counter surfing while I was gone all day today and found my stash of holiday fruitcake. I never thought they'd be interested in fruitcake, but they ate about a half-pound between them. I know they might get sick to their stomachs (haven't found anything upchucked, yet), but...
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    Do All Cats Have Wrinkly Skin?

    Just one quick question: Is every cat wrinkly like a Sphynx underneath their fur? Never having shaved a cat, I wanted to know.
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    People Food Cats Should Or Shouldn't Eat?

    My two cats got into some doctored-up pasta Alfredo I had made that had capers and basil in it. I looked online unsuccessfully to find out if those ingredients are harmful to cats. Do any of you have any additional information? The cats seem no worse for the wear, but I want to be proactive...