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    Coyote Threat

    I am having trouble with coyotes coming around my feral colony. They have been coming around for a while but last night I saw my one male neutered cat confront and chase off a coyote. The coyote really ran when the male cat went after him. The male cat is about 11lbs. He chased him down the...
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    Adding a new cat to an existing cat family? Some advice I wish I had, hopefully it will help you avo

    If you are adding a cat to a household with existing cats here are some ideas I would suggest given my recent experience with this issue. Keep the new cat in quarantine until it is certain the cat is free of parasites or any other contagious issues Ask your Vet specifically about Giardia in...
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    Recommended Steam Cleaner Brand/Model to disinfect area of Giardia and other parasites

    Does anyone have a recommended Brand and model of a steam cleaner that heats to 212* F or greater in order to disinfect the house in order to reduce reinfection rates from parasites like Giardia? Thanks for any recommendations.
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    Giardia Questions

    Hopefully this thread can be a "go to" and be an all encompassing source for questions regarding Giardia.  How long does it take for a cat to catch Giardia after ingesting a Giardia cyst(s)? Can healthy adult cats catch Giardia? And if so, is it because of multiple exposures, stress that...
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    Question on adding a cat with Giardia to existing cats

    Recently I rescued a cat that has lived outdoors for the past 3 years. I have known, fed her etc since she was a kitten. I took her to the vet and at first she did not test positive for Giardia but a week later she did test positive for Giardia. I am reading about this on the site and have some...