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  1. laureen227

    New Tuxedo Baby!

    A friend needed to re-home her cat. She's been looking for a place for a couple of weeks with no luck. I was considering getting a 3rd, although I was intending on getting a Devon Rex kitten...but really felt that I should instead offer to re-home her girl, Eliza. I brought her to my place...
  2. laureen227

    If Anyone Here Has Been Here A Long-ish Time...

    My Cable got very ill back last winter. She dropped over 1/2 her body weight & wasn't eating, so I chose to euthanize her. I took her to the shelter, & brought home a new furbaby, I/O (she's the cat on the left in my avatar) so that Ping wouldn't be alone. Cable was a sweet girl, and I miss her...
  3. laureen227

    not really new

    i've been around for a while, but it's been 3 or so years since my last post, so i thought i should post here. currently i have 2 cats, Cable, my senior, and Ping, my 2 year old tuxie. they are in my avatar, but here are a couple of better pix: Cable Ping
  4. laureen227

    My sweet Pixel left me yesterday :',(

    Pixel, my 14 year old, left for the Bridge last night. :sniffle: i'd had her (& her littermate :angel: Mouse) since they were both about 7 weeks old. i'd read the name Pixel in a book & liked it - the problem was finding a 'companion' name. a friend suggested Mouse, & Mouse was a blue cat, so it...
  5. laureen227

    My Sweet Pixel is leaving me :'(

    Pixel has been lying in the kitchen for most of today. very lethargic, her 3rd eyelids are showing, not eating, barely drinking. she's been having some health issues recently (persisten UTI), & today she just seemed to 'crash' very unexpectedly. i'm fairly certain she's had some sort of TIA - i...
  6. laureen227

    Cable's got cardiomyopathy :(

    Cable's been wheezing lately, so i took her to the vet a couple of weeks ago. vet thought it was feline asthma - gave her a steroid shot - & i had recently switched to a new, lighter-weight litter that i thought might have triggered it [she's a major flinger!]. anyway, it got a little better...
  7. laureen227

    poll for 'crazy face' pic!

    ok, help me pick the best... Pixel 1. 2. 3. 4. Cable 1. 2. 3. 4. Java 1. 2. 3.
  8. laureen227


    well, my new place [the rental] has carpets... & i've seen a couple of fleas on Pixel. what can i do for the flooring that DOESN'T involve bombing - i'm very sensitive to insecticides. also, best treatment for the cats - oral, topical, brands? those of you w/experience, please advise!
  9. laureen227

    poll for august contest!

    my kitties are seriously deprived! these are the only 'sun' pix i have [& some aren't that sunny]... i tend to prefer a dark house because of my light sensitivity. but i have a few - which one should i use? Cable 1 Cable 2 Java 1 Java 2 Java 3 Mouse Chip & Firefox
  10. laureen227

    need homes :(

    i have to move for my new job - & haven't yet found a place that will take all 5 of my furchildren... i'll probably have to re-home 3. Java's easy - she might even be able to stay here [my nephew's going to rent my house] but the other 2 will most probably have to move. i'm currently fairly...
  11. laureen227

    help me choose a 'playing' pic!

    here are the choices [not as many as last time!]: Pixel in the SS box [still full of wrapping!] Pixel & facial tissue Pixel & the remote Pixel hiding in a box Cable playing w/tissue
  12. laureen227

    help me decide on a 'party animal' pic!

    theres a bunch to choose from! 1. Java & catnip pillow 2. Chip & catnip pillow 3. Firefox playing with me as i take her pic 4. Chip & the catnip banana 5. Java 'dancing' with Da Bird 6. Pixel with Da Bird 7. Java and her rabbit fur puff 8. Java running in/out of the cat cubes 9...
  13. laureen227

    help me decide!

    which would be best for the march contest? Pixel Cable Java
  14. laureen227

    The Fashion Show

    anyone else watch this? we're allowed to vote for the 3 finalists now...
  15. laureen227

    help me choose a pic for the july contest!

    ok, i have too many to choose from - which do y'all think would be best? Pixel & Cable & the Zappos box Pixel & the Zappos box Pixel in the Secret Santa arrival box from this year #1 #2 Mouse in the bag Cable & Java #1 #2 #3 Cable chasing her tail Pixel #1 - brown box #2 -...
  16. laureen227

    Pixel's vet visit today

    Pixel went to the vet today, because she's been throwing up partially digested food for at least the past 2 days... wasn't sure @ 1st who the culprit was, but then i caught her. anyway, they took blood for a senior panel [she'll be 12 in september], then came back for a stool sample because her...
  17. laureen227

    interested in seeing a show for free? DFW area...

    the show i'm in, Crazy For You, is going to have a 'preview' performance for our last dress rehearsal. we're allowed to invite those who otherwise wouldn't be able to afford to see the show [tickets are $18]. the theatre is in Denton, Texas - the Campus Theatre [link]. the preview performance...
  18. laureen227

    Java has a sore paw!

    Java's left paw has a strange looking claw thing... looks like the pad has sorta 'split' at the base where the claw retracts. it's dirty looking & feels slightly warm... i'll be calling the vet in the morning, but figured she could use some of those powerful 'healing' TCS & in the meantime!
  19. laureen227

    another amazing video!

    dad sent me this one, too. make sure you watch for a least a minute, or you'll miss the amazing part of it!
  20. laureen227

    amazing child talent! (video)

    pretty impressive 8 year old, i would say!