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  1. scraggles

    What You'd Only Admit To A Fellow Cat Person...

    I just realised recently that I recognise my Scamp's "I'm about to poop" meow. It's quite a different meow to his other "I'm bored" meows, or his "I'm hungry" ones, or his "It's 04:00 in the morning let's all wake up!" meows. This specific meow sounds like a question, and it usually means he'd...
  2. scraggles

    Puppy Harness For Kitty Cat?

    Has anyone here ever used a puppy harness for their kitties? I'm in the process of harness training one of my cats and have bought two harnesses already. My Scamp doesn't seem to be an odd shaped kitty and is a small enough 4kg, however both harnesses I've got seem to pull up around the shoulder...
  3. scraggles

    Open Abscess, Is This Normal? (kind Of Graphic) Photo Attached

    Hi all, I'm just back from the vet with my poor Scamp who managed to get an abscess on his back. He was in overnight and the vet sedated him to clean it out etc today. I was wondering if anyone could advise me as I'm worried about how the wound looks, it seems very open to me, is this normal to...
  4. scraggles

    Double Trouble

    Any photos of your cats and their reflections you'd like to share?! :seesaw::itslove:
  5. scraggles

    Going On Holidays And Worried About Bored Cats.

    Hello! I'm going to be going away for about a week soon on holidays. This'll be my first time away for this length since my cats came to me and I'm far more nervous about it than I thought I would be. My family are going to take turns to look after the kitty cats, they're all dog people...
  6. scraggles

    Another Litter Question...

    I’m wondering if you can help me find which type of litter am I looking for? I am currently in the process of making my two outdoor/indoor cats more used to being fully indoor, which means I now have two male cats regularly using the litter tray and I've been searching for a litter that I had...
  7. scraggles

    How High Is Too High For An Open Window..?

    How high is too high for an open window? Before having cats I'd always have my windows open wide allowing the air to curriculate. Now, well I don't know if I'm being paranoid or cautious but I rarely push right open the upstairs ones as it kind of seems dangerous? With summer arriving...
  8. scraggles

    That's Not What That's For...

    Any photos of your cats using something for anything other than its actual use?! My Scamp using his bed as a toy. He's turned it upside down playing about with it and is as happy as Larry. :winkcat: :greenpaw:
  9. scraggles

    What Lessons Has Your Cat Taught You?

    I was thinking about this myself the other day and thought it might be an interesting conversation to have here. Are there any lessons (life lessons mainly I suppose) that having a cat has taught you? The main lessons for me I think would be, well, one would be not to hold too much attachment...
  10. scraggles

    Hello Again

    :wave3: Hello All! I've been popping in and out of The Cat Site the past while, but haven't been logging in as much as I used to before - have had a busy year here but hoping things are settling down a little now. But I thought I'd pop back in mainly as I'd also like to introduce the newest...
  11. scraggles

    Trapped (!)

    Have you ever had a cat curl up on you leaving you "trapped"?! - my Scraggles is not by any means a lap cat but now that it's dressing gown time of year he seems to have taken an absolute shine to my old oversized big red dressing gown and loves to curl up close to it. He must have been too shy...
  12. scraggles

    Need Some Help In Getting My Cat's Confidence Back After New Cat's Arrival

    A new cat visitor came to my house coming up on three weeks ago and hasn't left since. There's a bit of information on him in these two threads: Storm Ophelia And A Stray Cat Litter Tray Question My cat, Scraggles, is not terribly happy with the set up as it is now and I feel so awful for him...
  13. scraggles

    Litter Tray Question

    Hi all! I've a quick question re litter and litter boxes. I've two cats in my house at the moment as opposed to my usual one cat. And there's a storm blowing which has been declared a national emergency. Second cat is a newbie cat, who is not my cat but is a stray I've taken in to keep safe...
  14. scraggles

    Storm Ophelia And A Stray Cat

    I have a new temporary addition to my house. He's a stray who I haven't named yet 'cause I don't want to get too attached. My actual cat has taken a huge dislike to this kitty, not surprisingly, as kitty is an un-neutered male, with my Scraggles being a neutered male. I've been trying to keep...
  15. scraggles

    Cats And Strong Winds - Shelter?

    Hi all - I've been away from the Cat Site a couple of weeks for a few reasons - one of those reasons, though, is why I'm asking this question... A young un-neutered male cat recently appeared in my back garden. I've done up posters etc. to try locate its owner, but that's not why I'm here...
  16. scraggles

    Who Can View Photos

    Hi there - Is there a way of posting photos in threads that means that only those logged in/members can view or see them but those that aren't signed in (or those that are non-members) can't? Thanks!
  17. scraggles

    I Live With A Cat

    Besides actual photos of your cats - do you have any photos that prove you absolutely 100% live with a cat/cats? Here's mine :cool2: :greenpaw:
  18. scraggles

    Internet Cat Photo Ideas

    There are a two internet "viral" cat photos I've tried with my Scraggles - both without much success(!) The first being where you make your cat look like the moon by photographing them through a roll of tissue paper. The second - I've seen this around the internet where if you put a taped...
  19. scraggles

    For The Birds!

    It's coming towards the end of nesting season here but I'm still going to try put Scrags' floof to use by gathering it into a bird feeder so the little birdies can collect it and line their little nests.:kneading:
  20. scraggles

    Balancing Act

    I've been working on my former stray cat's confidence with climbing this summer. I've been leaving treats on top of wardrobes etc. to encourage him and help him feel more comfortable and happy with the indoors. This was the first time he climbed up on to the bed post - all his own idea - I'm...