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  1. mister obama

    Question of the Day, Sunday, the 9th of August, 2020

    as you get older you have to savor them all....
  2. mister obama

    Cat colour

    My tabby was what I called "green" I may have some colorblind (those little books they flip at the eyedoctor)
  3. mister obama

    stray in BBQ!

    My neighbor sent me this cat picture of her outdoor bbq, she thinks these are bobcat cubs....
  4. mister obama

    Question of the Day, Friday, April 10

    Nancy asks why I feed the feral cats outside....
  5. mister obama

    Comment by 'mister obama' in item 'Fancy Feast Classic Gourmet Cat Food'

    Liz Katz, yea thats her real name... watched me feed my boy the fancy feast pictured, then said "why dont you cook up some chicken livers for him" she said Walmart has plastic tubs the size of cottage cheeese containers for just over a dollar. cuttin and cookin (when I have time) is worth a...
  6. mister obama

    How Do You Greet Your Cat In The Morning?

    do they ever crawl under the covers?
  7. mister obama


    I like the bars across his upper front legs, all the tabby boys seem to have that mark, he will be a big help when you try to use the computer!
  8. mister obama

    Bonjour from France - Lise & Sparrow

    I have an old boy that looks like he could be a litter-mate,  what do you call this breed?   locally he is just a tabby cat....  by the way do you give French lessons?  I was living in Villefranche Sur-Mer  in my years in the U.S. Navy.    I wish I would have tuned into learning French back...
  9. mister obama

    Is catnip ok

    My boy "harry" is 17 now and getting kind of slow,  but he sure likes a pinch of nip occasionally- like my evening martini,  Oh, I'm old too!
  10. mister obama

    cat fountain:

    I was reading the posts about how fascinated cats are with bubbling water and the benefit of getting them to drink more...   I thought for a minute then put a rubber band on the sprayer in the sink,  this holds it in the open position then open the faucet to trickle and there is the fountain...
  11. mister obama

    Comment by 'mister obama' in media 'P9131244.JPG'

    Nice photography!  and a nice healthy pile of cats,  I want that tabby in the last photo!    thanks for sharing....
  12. mister obama

    what trap do you use?

    I'm from Fond du Lac, wisc.  and years ago we visited an old "out of commission"  factory in tomahawk that  -I was told- use to produce live traps, Now for the first time I see a picture of the "tomahawk style"  live trap and wow,   read that are a favorite of the feral cat catching fraternity...