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  1. JulieHarr

    Wound care question

    Does anyone have experience with this? My cat has a small wound at the base of his tail where it attaches to the body. I put Mupirocin ointment on it and covered with a bandage. My question is, should I take the bandage off for a few hours a day to let it dry out?
  2. JulieHarr

    Antibiotic ointment?

    I'm using Neosporin on my cat Nubi's ears. They were lightly bitten and he made it worse by scratching. So now he is on house arrest with a cone. I'm using Neosporin pain, itch, scar ointment. And I shaved a little hair off. Does anyone know if I should be using a different type ointment? Do you...
  3. JulieHarr

    Dental Issue questions

    My cat Simon Peter is 8. At 2 he had his first dental cleaning and then yearly there after. He also gets his yearly checkup and vaccinations. Last month in June, he had his annual cleaning and the vet said one of the teeth looked like a resorption happening. He was seen the next week at a vet...
  4. JulieHarr

    Wants attention when I'm on phone

    Nubi my 2 year old male, started a new thing. When I'm in the phone, he started being playful around me. First time he got on my desk and started batting things off my desk. Had to stop my meeting and remove him out of the room. Today on phone and he started playing around my ankles and nipping...
  5. JulieHarr

    Hello from Louisiana

    Recently found this site when searching for a cat related issue. Happy I signed up. Love the memes here. I have two boy cats, Simon Peter (ginger 7 yoa) and Nubi (black 2 yoa). Each a different personality so they keep me busy. Simon Peter healing up from dental surgery a few weeks ago. He was...