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  1. goonie


    i'm Connie and mom to 9 cats and a few strays. I live in SoCal. I used to be a member a long, long time ago and then drifted away. i had 11 cats til June. Lost 3 this year including my 21 year old, Mousy. Then somebody dumped a 7 week old kitten in the office parking lot where i feed my strays...
  2. goonie

    Vet Problems, dog was mis-diagnosed twice

    don't know if this is the right category. a friend called me yesterday with a vet horror story. btw, the dog is fine now. my friend has a Golden Retriever. the dog started having breathing problems and since it was after 6pm they took her to the Animal Emergency Clinic about 7 mi from here...
  3. goonie

    Convenia Antibiotic

    my favorite neighborhood and lately backyard stray Spooky  died this morning in m arms on the way to the emergency hospital. a quick background: i was already feeding another stray at my house every night and Spooky, a black, short-hair Tom showed up at my house in July'11. he came by nightly...
  4. goonie

    soy and sesame seed allergies

    for the past year i've had skin rashes on and off. i thought at first it was soaps. i just got the report back from the blood tests. i'm allergic against sesame seeds and soy.  except for fish once in a great while  i'm pretty much a vegetarian. anybody else have soy  allergies?
  5. goonie

    'twas the night before christmas' pet food style
  6. goonie

    R.I.P. Peter O'Toole

    he passed away saturday. he was 81. i used to have a crush on him. i always stayed up when he was on the 'Tonight Show' or Letterman. one of the best ones was when he appeared on Letterman and rode in on a Camel.
  7. goonie

    new Vaccine site

    came across this article today. sounds like it could save lives
  8. goonie

    Cat Enclosures

    don't know if this has been posted before. the 1st one is really nice.
  9. goonie

    a cat funny

    this is too cute
  10. goonie

    Nestle Purina just purchased

    i don't know how i feel about this yet.
  11. goonie

    living close to a college

    i don't know if this is the right section for this. i live half a mile from UC Riverside. i always dread summer, hoping no cats get left behind when the students move. so i made up this short newsletter and i was thinking of putting one on each doorstep in the neighborhood that has students. the...
  12. goonie

    tax breaks for pet foster parents

    Tax breaks for pet foster parents
  13. goonie

    weight loss

    Mousy, a black DSH, is 15 1/2. he lost almost 6lbs in the last year. he had a complete senior blood panel done last week, nothing is wrong. he does have a small cyst on the right side on his back behind his shoulder. we're going to have some xrays done. he's hd the cyst for a couple of years now...
  14. goonie

    TED videos

    anybody familiar with them? it's a non-profit and all their videos are about ideas worth spreading. there's some really interesting stuff on there about all kinds of different subjects.
  15. goonie

    Grizzly Bear as a pet

    came across this last night
  16. goonie

    Spayed twice

    at the beginning of summer this brownish/orange Tabby showed up at my house after dark. i've been feeding a neighborhood Stray called Munchkin for almost 2 years now. he's fixed but i still can't touch him. so i guess she found the catfood and started coming by about every night. she was so shy...
  17. goonie

    getting cat pee odor out of concrete

    i finally talked DH into getting rid of the carpet in the bed & livingroom. there's a couple spots where cat pee has gotten through to the concrete. i've been googling the subject and everybody seems to swear their homemade or storebought solution is the best. anybody here has had this problem...
  18. goonie

    interior concrete floors

    anybody here has them in their house or done one? our house is pretty small and the bedroom & living room are the only rooms with carpet, which is 12 years old. we have 10 cats and my 16+ year old has mostly used puppy pads to pee on since we moved in 12 years ago. that and all the hairballs...
  19. goonie

    R.I.P. Ronnie Montrose

    just read that he passed away on 3/3 due to complications from prostrate cancer. i still have that record somewhere that Sammy Hagar was on that was his big breakthrough.
  20. goonie

    conversations at check-out counter

    i was checking out at Lowe's garden center this morning and the lady behind me had one of those foldable dollies. i commented that i 've been thinking about getting one too someday and that i have a regular dollie. she replied that she has a regular dollie too but got this for the house because...