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    Lazy Lucy

    Lucy has spent most of the day sleeping and looking out the window.
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    here is my dog, Emma. she's three and a Shih Tzu. she is the first pet that i basically raised myself. i was there for all her first experiences. she's very sweet but she's always getting into mischief and irritating our older dog, who is sixteen.
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    some pictures of lucy

    these are just some random pictures of my new cat. i love her green eyes! i'm so proud of her that i show her picture to everyone i meet.
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    meet Lucy!

    this is my new cat, Lucy. i adopted her about a week ago from a local shelter. she's three years and a few months old. she was left in the parking lot of a pet store and found by the manager. i have never owned a cat before, only dogs, but she is a great first cat! she's very laid-back and...