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  1. siamesecat108

    Wondercide for home flea treatment

    Anyone have luck eliminating fleas using Wondercide pet + home spray or am I wasting my time? I just sprayed all around my apartment, but I didn’t spray directly on my cat. I‘m also vacuuming and washing everything frequently, applying Advantage II monthly, and flea combing daily. I bathed the...
  2. siamesecat108

    Healthy kitten food?

    I have a 4 month old kitten. He weighs about 5.5 lbs now. When I adopted him 2 months ago, the shelter told me he was probably eating Science Diet kibble in foster. As soon as I got him I transitioned him to wet food only. My kitty isn’t picky. He is receiving a rotation of the following, and...
  3. siamesecat108

    What breed is my grey boy kitten?

    Hello! My grey boy kitten is almost 11 weeks old! He’s all grey. He has greenish gold eyes. Also, his sister is all grey with brown tortie markings on her face. What breed(s) does he look like he could be mixed with? Thank you!
  4. siamesecat108

    How much wet food to feed 2 month old kitten?

    Hello! I am so excited to be adopting a kitten. He will be about two months old when I get to bring him home in a few weeks. I am worried about how much I should feed him. I really don’t want to under feed or over feed. I hope to keep him at a healthy, lean, optimal weight, and also I plan on...
  5. siamesecat108

    Help Getting Gi Lymphoma Cat To Eat

    My Siamese cat was diagnosed with probable IBD or lymphoma back in mid-July. I opted to not do an ultrasound or biopsy because she is almost 17 years old and very thin. X-rays showed a mass in two loops of her small intestines. She started taking prednisolone and cerenia and things were going...