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    Chin Acne?

    We've noticed a blotch on our youngest cat's neck and we're wondering what it is. If there's reason for concern we'll shoot her straight to the vet, but with the current COVID situation in TX we're trying to keep a low profile. We'd seen splotches on her neck before but this seems to have been...
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    Tool For Catching Kittens/tnr?

    Hello, A while ago I was trying to trap a litter of feral kittens and when looking into how to catch them all at once, the best that I could find online was to rig a humane trap to close when you pull a string, and then wait for the kittens to go inside. I got them, but it took hours of...
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    unwelcome feral

    Hey there, Last year we had a pregnant feral show up on our step and we started feeding her  Out of her 4 kittens, I was able to trap 3 of them and socialize/adopt them out.  The 4th was too sly for the trap when she was tiny, but eventually I was able to trap her and her mother and we got them...