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    My black cat (with her black fur boyfriend) had tabbys!!

    My cat maggy had her first litter of 5 4 are mixed colour grey tabby and just 1 full black how is this even possible?
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    Cat smell in house share

    I sadly dont have the money at the moment to get my own place im now in my third place house sharing with my cat and kitten The litter box is in my room and yes i got permission from the landlord But in the last place, the housemates complained of the smell Even though daily, i empty out the...
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    If i dont put litter in the box - will it smell?

    i was just thinking. last night i ran out of cat litter, so just had an empty box which the cat did its biz in. and this morning was as simple as scooping and then deep cleaning the tray i was thinking, this is easy and a lot cheaper..... however, (im hard to say as im sort of immune to it...
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    Kitten Itching But Not Fleas? Rogue Breeders Suggestions Would Be Great

    Hey guys i adopted a kitten a couple of days ago we were told specifically he had been flead and wormed well after several hours he started itching quite a lot then he started itching once an hour and then once every ten/15 min i combed his fur and did not see any sign of fleas/flea dirt this...
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    Its Killing Me - Beautiful New Kitty Wont Let Me Hold Her

    so i adopted this goregous kitty 2 weeks ago she is now 9 weeks old a bit of background - she wasnt feral, i know the person who breeded the litter but he does NOT take good care of them, this kity was covered absolutly crawling in fleas when i got her. i had to isolated her. and multiple...
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    The Cats `toilet` Is Setting The Fire Alarm Off!

    i live in a property where the alarms never go off unless theres been a powercut or something in the last few weeks, whenever my betty goes to the toilet, the smell is that bad, that the fire alarm goes off every single night, and im at my wits end ive taken him to doctor hes free of...
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    Cat Pooping All Over My Floor Help Me ¬¬¬¬at Wits End¬¬¬

    Hi been a long time since i used this forum My cat yussy - or brother yussuf as i called him, is 4 months old, big and healthy boy he has for since he was 10 weeks old insisted on `missing the litter tray constantly` When i clean the litter tray which is every day - fresh littler, nice and...
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    Questions About Inexperienced Cat Mom

    Thanks for reading this much love to you all My beautiful Mary whos a 12 months old cat, gave birth last night about 9pm ish to a goregous little black kitten I was told by the nurse at vets for pets on their emergency hotline to `get prepared for a long night of arrivals` Well it never...
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    My God - The Noise When My Cat Poops

    It literally sounds like a human with diareor its like boom boom plop plop tssssssssssss boom ive done everything, from change his food to dry and he`s been wormed and had tests for parasites - all clear is it possible that i just have a very smelly cat? literally he poops like an overweight...
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    Help! My Kitten Was Attacked

    okay so our big rabbit, who i have now given away, as im very upset attacked our kitten because it was eating what it thought was its food ive had bunnys and kittens for years now, always played together no problem anyway the rabbit who is one year old, dug its teeth deep into the side of the...
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    7 Week Old Kitten, Suddenly Lethargic, Not Eating

    i signed up here because im worried my kitten is 7 weeks he is usually really hyper, bouncy all over the place, and eats like a hog however today, he has barely touched his food he is constantly yawning and sleeping when i move over to him to play with him, he lets out a yawn and then falls...