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  1. Draco

    Pooping hairball

    It's common for hair to appear in cat's poop. But my girl (9 years) literally had a wad of dry-ish fur stuck in her rectum. She pooped, the poop gets stuck thanks to the fur inside her, so I helped remove the poop (solid and firm, btw), only to find a wad of hair at the end which caused her poop...
  2. Draco

    Broken Canine Fang

    Hi all, I just noticed my cat (10 years) has a broken upper canine tooth. About half is missing, not a tiny chip or anything. He seems to be okay, eating and does not seem to be bothered- but I know cats hide pain well. What should I look out for? There’s no redness or bleeding- I can’t tell...
  3. Draco

    Dog Help Please!

    I could use some help. I am presently petsitting for my parents' 2 dogs for 2 weeks while they are away. 1 dog (Rocco) is a good dog. Old but a good dog. The other, Belle, is about 3 years old. And. Is. Not. Trained! She's a good really sweet dog, but does NOT listen. She's Unmotivated. She's...
  4. Draco

    Bladder Stone- Any Advice?

    Hi all Cassie (8 years) has bladder stones. Vet gave a shot of antibiotics, gave me pain meds and samples of prescription Hills diet (to see if she likes before I buy). Vet did an ultrasound and the stone is small. She's not sure if its one solid piece or bunch of sediments balled in one. (An...
  5. Draco

    How To Stop Cat From Chewing On My Hair?

    One of my cats, not sure who, has taken to chewing on my hair while I am asleep. (and only asleep, I assume because I am hearing impaired, I can't hear them meow so they resort to other measures to get me up for breakfast) I woke up with a chunk of it on my bed (photo). I don't want any of them...
  6. Draco

    I Must Touch You...

    Cassie has to touch me in some way when she sleeps under my bed covers. Her paws are always on me I love this feeling <3
  7. Draco

    Black Leggings That Does Not Attract Fur?

    There's so many leggings out there. Anyone with experience with leggings that does not attract so much fur? I like black leggings, but with a white cat.. yea. There's some with vinyl type of material, but I do not like the shiny look.
  8. Draco

    Any Subaru (crosstrek) Owners?

    I got into an accident last week- rear-ended at a stoplight (The other guy did not stop at all). Other than whiplash and pain in the neck/back, I am gratefully OK. It could've been worse. But my poor 2004 Jeep Liberty is 99.9% totaled (waiting for final response from insurance). I put a down...
  9. Draco

    Do Cats Get Skin Tags As They Get Older?

    Do cats get skin tags as they get older? I know dogs can get skin tags. If they do, it's generally harmless right? found one at the back of my cat's neck and was just curious.
  10. Draco

    People, Please Get Regular Checkups At The Doctors

    It's more of a vent post.. I am not looking for sympathy. Go see the doctors yearly for checkups. Please. My uncle does not go to the doctors. He hasn't gone since he was a kid. He's 57 years old with a wife. Saturday he goes to the hospital with an infection in his foot. As doctors prepare...
  11. Draco

    Hard Treats For Digestion?

    Hi all, I am on the hunt for hard crunchy treats that helps with digestion. All I am finding are soft and my cat does not like soft treats- she's extremely picky with her treats. Anyone know of any brands I can order? Also some with hairball preventatives too will be great! thank you :)
  12. Draco

    Does Any One Else's Cat...

    Does anyone else's cat get impatient before breakfast, then snuggly after? In the mornings, Monet refuses to let me pet him. He'll nip, bit and hit me every time I try. I take my time getting out of bed, waking up. After he eats, he then insists on snuggles, the only time he really snuggles...
  13. Draco

    Any Other Ideas On How To Keep Cats Off Fish Tank?

    I have a 75g reef tank. Monet loves to lay on the light fixture because it gives off heat. However with his constant jumping, he's breaking the legs of my fixture. He can and will break it, and last thing I want is to find everything in my tank and all my fish and corals dead. I cannot reduce...
  14. Draco

    Any Fitbit Users? Wanna Be Friends?

    I decided to treat myself to a Fitbit Charge 2. So far I am loving it! I am feeling much more motivated with challenging myself, trying to do a bit better than the previous day. I really need to lose the weight I've gained since my Thyroid Cancer. Anyone have a Fitbit account that they'd like...
  15. Draco

    How To Get A Picky Cat To Eat Raw?

    I am keeping my cats on canned diet, but I'd like to give Cassie chicken necks or wings to help with her teeth. She refuses to touch them. Monet loves the neck and wings and made quite a difference in his teeth health, I want to do the same for Cassie since her teeth is full of tarter and...
  16. Draco

    Show Off Your Photography

    Non-cat photos here- that goes in Fur Pictures thread ;) I want to see your random photography skills. You don't have to be a skilled professional, I just like to look at photos! Whether its a landscape, a fun design or something else, I want to see them! Color-edited photos welcomed. No...
  17. Draco

    "meaty Bones" For Dental Health

    I am reading various places to give cats "meaty bones" to help with dental. What's considered "meaty bones"? raw chicken? something else?
  18. Draco

    How To Help A Cat With Diarrhea?

    Hey all, One of my cats has had diarrhea for the past few days. all liquid pudding. I am not sure who. One or both, I don't know. Both cats are eating (slower or not as much, but eating). I can't tell if they're drinking, but the skin pull test tells me they're hydrated. Both cats are alert...
  19. Draco

    What’s This On His Lip?

    im honestly not sure if this bump has always been there or not on his lip. I feel like it has, but not as white? I do t look in his mouth that often to notice The other side of his lip has black skin so I can’t see too well. It doesn’t bother him
  20. Draco

    Anyone Play Marapets?

    MaraPets Games - Free Virtual Pet Site, Online Games & Dress Up Games it's a fun game to play.. anyone play? if not, check it out (link above) the pets are too cute! and I love the Halloween items they're putting out in the game.