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  1. natashajago

    Honey and Khaans litter came yesterday 27/03/2013

    Labour started at half 4 and first 2 kittens were here by 6pm, im pretty sure they shared a placenta so they are twins although cant work out for the life of me now which one is which between all of them!! lol Then there was a 4 hour gap and kitten 3 and kitten 4 came in the hour. Then she...
  2. natashajago

    2 cats aged 6 months available for adoption in UK Im currently fostering these 2 boys called Marley and Moon. They are very loving and playful and have just come out of kittenhood but still have the kitten fun factor. They came to this rescue due to a family break up and had to leave their owner and...
  3. natashajago

    Ultrasounds in UK

    Just wondered what prices people have paid for their ultrasound scans in the UK, so i can get an average or know if im being ripped off....
  4. natashajago

    new member posts held back??

    Why everytime i post it says as im a new member my posts are being held back?? iv posted over 40 posts already and just wondered what benefit is there to holding my posts back?? x
  5. natashajago

    2 new foster babies!

    Got 2 new male cats in residence today, both fully black like salem, approx 6 months old. still hiding away atm bless they have had a stressful day and dont think the are used to noises from children. I wll hopefully get some pics tomorrow when the house it quieter. i know people will think im...
  6. natashajago

    who ever said cats and dogs hate each other??

    This is my  brown spotted bengal Binx and my daschund Tod when he was a puppy, i wouldnt say they are friends but they tolerate each other lol. Although when it comes to ganging up on the kids they are clever enough to work as a team then lol, my babies x x x
  7. natashajago

    My bengal is how many days??

    This is a picture of my girls belly, her nipples have come out and are really easy to feel, they are still pink though. I thought she was about 20 days but someone else has said between 30 and 40? Any one with more experiance have an opinion? note her belly only looks like this when lay down...
  8. natashajago

    My Bengals And Me :)

    Hi im Natasha i have 2 pure bengals called Honey and Khaan who i have mated and we believe Honey is around 30 days pregnant so will be using these forums for lots of advice although i have researched over n over but still like to reassure myself lol. I also have a bengal cross called Binx who is...