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  1. heathernichelle

    Cebu's 1st Bday!

    Hey all! My cat is ONE! A Friday the 13th first bday could not be more fitting for his personality either. I just wanted to share a little photoshoot we did after a recent trip to PetSmart for cat food had me leaving with a $2.97 t-shirt as well!
  2. heathernichelle

    My Cat Is A Total Brat!

    Let me start by saying this: He is in no way in danger of being rehomed. He's mine until the day he dies & I am beyond thrilled to get to be his owner (MOST OF THE TIME). Currently though, I AM FED UP. He's a baby & the first kitten I have had in 19 years, so there was definitely an adjustment...
  3. heathernichelle

    Tips To Keep My Kitten Off The Range?

    I have a 6 month old kitten who I cannot get to stay off the Range. Tonight I caught him drinking out of a pot (with water in it) that I had put on to boil. I am concerned that he is going to get hurt, but honestly have no clue how to teach him not to do get up there. He is fearless- and...
  4. heathernichelle

    Funny Story

    I recently started fostering kittens and received a message from the coordinator asking if I would take her ‘buff’ friend. You all, I seriously thought she was referring to his build as he is a pretty thick kitten. I had NO IDEA ‘Buff’ was a color a cat could be!
  5. heathernichelle

    What Color Would You Call My Kitty?

    People always say ‘You’re cat is so pretty! What color is she?’ I typically reply ‘Ummmm, yellow?’ I keep forgetting to ask the vet what they have her listed I thought I would just ask you all. Thanks for the help! I am sure you can provide a much better answer than what I generally give.
  6. heathernichelle

    Altered Behavior After Addition Of New Kitten

    Good evening! I recently fostered a kitten that my own personal cat fell head over heels in love with, which led to me keeping him full time. (He’s 5 months old and been a part of our house since 10/21). Every is GREAT, and I am a little worried that it may be TOO Great? Let me explain: My...
  7. heathernichelle

    Perscription Food- With Gluten- Please Advise!!

    I am so seriously torn about this-- I just need some solid advice, so thanks in advance!! My Adrianne is 11 yrs old- rescued by me 2 yrs ago from a shelter she had been living at her whole life. There she ate whatever donations were given- all dumped into a container (so she could have been...
  8. heathernichelle

    My Adrianne's Story

    Disclaimer: Her story is a bit of a long one, but I assure you it's worth the read! Thanks in advance for sticking it through. Basically immediately upon losing my cat of 16 years, I began searching for a new kitty to love. Being in my apartment all alone was unbearable and I knew the only way...
  9. heathernichelle

    Smokey's Final Story

    My Smokey passed away June 8, 2015. I know it has been over a year, but I couldn't share his story until now. I got him when I was 12 & we had a total of 16 years to grow up together. He was truly a one of a kind kitty- the type that makes non cat people into cat people if that makes any sense...
  10. heathernichelle

    Insecurity / Anxiety

    Last October 30, my dad noticed a cat walking down the sidewalk in the rain meowing like crazy. I was able to capture her using food as a lure and bring her in. She was super skinny and terrified beyond belief but by the next morning she was eating and sitting with us as if she had been there...
  11. heathernichelle

    Vomiting after eating

    Hey all! I have a friend with a kitty that is vomiting immediately after eating. He doesn't eat much, and none of it is digested. Also, form what she says, it is not 100% of the time but is occurring more and more frequently. I do not know exactly how old the he is, but I want to say between...
  12. heathernichelle

    Cat Expressions!

    I got this face on camera and cannot stop laughing. Any one else have one they want to share?
  13. heathernichelle

    What grooming habit does your cat hate the most?

    My kitty is not a fan of grooming of any sort, although over the years he has grown to tolerate certain things over others. For instance, he used to hate having his nails trimmed and then I started brushing him- he didn't mind the trims anymore. A few years ago he had a really bad yeast...
  14. heathernichelle


    Do we have any baseball fans among us? I just have to take a moment and brag on the Kansas City Royals who are in the Playoffs for the first time in 29 years! Last time this happened was 1985, when we beat the St. Louis Cardinals to win the World Series. Hopefully history will repeat itself here...
  15. heathernichelle

    Play Ideas for Older Kitty?

    My kitty is 14 1/2 years old and he is still very playful! I find it adorable, and want to encourage it as much as possible. He has always been picky on toys, and really only likes the interactive kind (ie: tie a mouse to the end of the string or make a feather dance). Just recently I found one...
  16. heathernichelle

    Me & My Kitty

    Hey all! I joined this sight so that I can talk about my kitty. He is 14 1/2 years old...and as big a baby as ever. Anyway, my vet keeps giving him months to live, and each time he beats the odds! However, I know that cannot happen forever, and when his time finally comes...I'm gonna be...