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  1. Margret

    Publisher's Clearing House scam

    I heard this on the local news in Colorado, but I'm not at all sure that it made the national news. There's a new (or perhaps a very old?) scam. The scammers call you up and tell you that you've won the Publisher's Clearing House sweepstakes. Then they tell you that you'll have to pay tax on...
  2. Margret

    Some GOOD news out of Australia

    Checking my news sources this morning, I found out that Australia is finally getting some rain. Unfortunately, as we've found in Colorado, rain can be a mixed blessing after fires since on ground with no plant life it tends to lead to flash floods and mud slides, and parts of Australia are...
  3. Margret

    Bald Spot?

    Last night I saw Bright Eyes scratch himself and small clumps of fur scattered. I thought, "Oh! He needs to be brushed." But this morning when he was eating breakfast I noticed a bald spot between his shoulder blades. Does anyone have any suggestions? Margret
  4. Margret

    Tornadoes In Lee County, Alabama

    I just woke up, having dozed off in my recliner, and saw a television headline about a record number of people killed by a tornado. I quickly turned on the sound, and it's very bad. The current death toll is at 23. I don't know who we have who lives in Alabama, but please, people, as and when...
  5. Margret

    Space Stuff - New Zealand Rocket Launch, Comet Wirtanen

    Hi, all. I got an email today about a couple of things in space, and I thought I'd share the details here, since I know we have a lot of members who are interested in these things. The first thing was the launch of a rocket by New Zealand yesterday. Here's what my friend had to say about this...
  6. Margret

    Feeding Bright Eyes

    As some of you already know, we've just acquired a new cat, Bright Eyes. My friend Rich, who was Bright Eyes' preferred person, went for a bicycle ride in the mountains on Sunday and suffered a fatal heart attack - all Bright Eyes knows is that Rich left and didn't come home, and that he's been...
  7. Margret

    Help Me Introduce Bright Eyes

    I just got word this afternoon that an old friend has died of an apparent heart attack while bicycling in the mountains. This is the same friend who found Jasmine for us, and his cat, an older gentleman (at least, I think he's getting on in years) named Bright Eyes, has now been orphaned...
  8. Margret


    In 1991 my heart kitty, Sweet Thing :rbheart:, got sick and we took her to the vet, who diagnosed kidney failure. I thought that meant “There’s nothing we can do. It’s time for euthanasia,” but the vet said “Let’s try a subcutaneous IV,” so we did. And it worked, sort of, for a while. But then...
  9. Margret

    Funny Commercials

  10. Margret

    Meltdown & Spectre

    Hello, all. Over the last few days, the world of technology has been rocked by the news that there are design flaws in virtually all Intel chips out there (anything manufactured since 1995) which leave them vulnerable to attack. All major Operating System vendors are offering patches; here's...
  11. Margret

    Sometimes Posts Don't Show Up Immediately For Poster

    Please see The "What's on your mind?" Thread -2017 and The "What's on your mind?" Thread -2017. This happens to me a lot. It seems to go along with the fact that since the site move I frequently don't see new messages in a thread until I click on an alert that links to the thread, and since I...
  12. Margret

    Emoticon Issue

    I don't think this is related to the site migration, but I don't know where else to report it. There are two emoticons for "Welcome Back" under "Love & Support." The first is named "Welcome Back" and shows a huge smiley lifting its arms and saying "Welcome back". The second shows a smaller...
  13. Margret

    Food Addictions.

    The problem that originally brought me to TCS was that Jasmine was starving herself because I could no longer find the only brand of cat food that she considers to be edible. I tried everything I could think of, looking for food with the same form factor (small chunks, about 1/4 inch across)...
  14. Margret

    Veterans Day/remembrance Day - How Do You Honor Your Dead?

    I really should have started this thread yesterday, but I didn't think to :paperbag: so I'm doing it now. Saturday was Veterans Day in the U.S. and Remembrance day in Canada, days when we honor our fallen war heroes, even those who died long after the war was over. So, if you celebrate this...
  15. Margret

    Problems With Some Amazon Links Trying To Display As Media

    This is the second time I've run into this issue. I just tried to post three Amazon links (using the link button) and the site decided that they were media, not links, and displayed only large areas of white space with nothing to click on. When I try to post them as text, without using the link...
  16. Margret

    Question Of The Day, Wednesday, September 27, 2017

    @Mamanyt1953 is taking a bit of a break while she does some cleaning and computer maintenance, so she's asked me to post today's Question of the day. As far as I can tell by what I see in stores (and totally ignoring what the calendar says), it would appear that Halloween must be this weekend...
  17. Margret

    Being Reviewed Smilies Are Slow To Load

    Smilies are extremely slow to load. The tendency is to think that your click didn't go through, for some unknown reason, and click again. This results in the editor assuming that you want the smiley menu off. Part of the problem has to do with the colors in the menu bar of the editor; I have...
  18. Margret

    Feedback Nice! Thanks!

    Not only are the emojis back, but we have new and improved navigation of them, and the emoji menu stays up rather than requiring you to keep clicking on it. Someone has been working overtime on this issue. Whoever it is, thank you, thank you, thank you! Margret
  19. Margret

    Resolved Strange Site Login Request

    Just now when I went to the guide for the new site, I got a login request from some kind of professional website. It didn't look right, so I just clicked on the background and it went away, but for a moment I almost gave my username and password to them, thinking it was TCS asking. Dangerous...
  20. Margret

    Resolved Suggestion About The Loss Of Capitalization In User Names

    If there's a way for individuals to change their own user names, we could take a lot of the load off of the administrators by simply fixing our own names. Margret Edit: I note that this has already been thought of. Great minds think alike, I guess. ;-)