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  1. margd

    Project MEOW, a Philadelphia cat rescue, needs help!

    This handsome boy is Skippy Bartram, a homeless cat who was trapped in a TNR operation... just in the nick of time. He desperately needed an operation to treat a life-threatening hernia, and Project MEOW, a Philadelphia cat rescue, came to his aid. They cleaned out their coffers to pay for...
  2. margd

    Paul's Big Adventure

    (I sent this in fun in a PM to @Margret and @Mamanyt1953 and they thought I should post it here. It is based on a true event.) PAUL'S BIG ADVENTURE Once upon a time, there was a very big, very heavy, very beautiful Black Cat named Paul. One of his favorite things to do, other than eating and...
  3. margd

    Mystery Solved? Why Cats Eat Grass?

    That's the title of an article in the newsletter put out by Science yesterday, 8/8/19. Mystery solved? Why cats eat grass. It's based on research reported at the annual meeting of the International Society for Applied Ethology in Bergen, Norway by Benjamin L. Hart, Lynette A. Hart and Abigail...
  4. margd

    Two Bereaved Cats Near Los Angeles Need Homes

    This is something a lot of us worry about, that our beloved kitties will find themselves homeless if they survive us. George (6) and Gracie (10) find themselves in just that scary situation because their human passed away recently, leaving them in desperate need of a home. George Gracie I...
  5. margd

    Studies Reveal Cats Rival Dogs In Intelligence.

    Here's an article that TCS members might find interesting: Cats rival dogs on many tests of social smarts. Bug is anyone brave enough to study them? The article describes what researchers are learning about cat intelligence and behavior now that those studies are finally taking place. There's...
  6. margd

    Fundraiser For Shelter/low Cost Clinic

    :hellosmiley:everyone! A truly wonderful no-kill animal shelter/ low cost clinic, the Animal Welfare Association, is running a fundraiser right now and it could really use some love. It's for a very worthy cause and the fundraiser itself is adorable, although I may be a wee bit biased since...
  7. margd

    Question Of The Day. Wednesday, July 18, 2018

    Bek is feeling rotten today so she asked me to post the Question of the Day. "Of course" I said, and pulled up my computer to get to work. Instantly, Chula appeared at my side and began gently pawing my arm - one of her ways of getting attention. The Question of the Day is: How do(es)...
  8. margd

    Help! I Can't Find A Decent Thermometer For Pets Or Humans!

    In my hour of need, I'm turning (naturally) to TCS for advice. I have been trying to purchase a (working) digital pet thermometer. This need not be a thermometer just for animals - many thermometers with the bendy tips claim to be appropriate for animals, as well as humans. I'm currently...
  9. margd

    Question Of The Day. Wednesday, January 31, 2018

    :hellosmiley: @Mamanyt1953 is recovering from the flu and asked me to ask The Question of the Day, today. I pondered :headscratch: and considered several ideas :ruminating: before realizing that the ideal question was right before me. :idea: It's a two-parter. A. Did you get a flu shot...
  10. margd

    Site Looks Very Weird

    Within the last 10 to 15 minutes, every effort to open a page on TCS is met with this: If I keep scrolling down the page, this is what appears: In other words, I'm met with an error code but if I scroll down far enough, the page appears.
  11. margd

    Disappearing Sub-forums In Cat Lounge

    A few days ago I noticed that The Market Place sub-forum in the Cat Lounge had vanished. Today a member pointed out that the Announcements sub-forum has vanished as well. Just wondering what's going on. :dunno:
  12. margd

    Happy Rosh Hashanah!

    Wishing everyone who celebrates Rosh Hashanah a very happy new year!
  13. margd

    Mexican Earthquake And Hurricane Maria

    I just wanted to express my sympathy to all of our Mexican members over the magnitude 7.1 earthquake that has caused so much death and destruction in Mexico City. Coming right after the magnitude 8.1 earthquake that hit Mexico just a little over a week ago and on the anniversary of the deadly...
  14. margd

    Study Of Cats' Liquid Properties Wins Ig Nobel Physics Prize

    Ig Nobel Prizes are awarded annually to research studies that are both weird but that also make you think. This year, the Ig Nobel Prize in Physics went to Marc-Antoine Fardin, a physicist from Paris Diderot University who noticed that cats, like liquids, can take on the shape of the container...
  15. margd

    54 Hemingway Cats Staying Put For Irma

    They won't be alone. The curator and other staff are staying behind to take care of them - many of whom (the cats, not the staff) are polydactyl descendents of Hemingway's own cat, a polydactyl white cat named Snow White. Curator, 54 cats riding out Irma in iconic home - CNN Video Meanwhile...
  16. margd

    Cat Photos: Fail!

    Today, I tried to get a photo of Chula sitting in a box and playing wand toy. Uh, no. Didn't happen. Why the heck does she have a white mask on her neck? If anyone else has some um, unusual photos of their darlings, please post them here!
  17. margd

    Cat Yoga

    CNN's home page today links to a video on cat yoga that some might enjoy. I can't embed the video so here's the link . The good stuff starts at the 43 second mark and no, it's not about the cats doing yoga although one of them seems to be following along with the class. Anyway, it's yoga with...
  18. margd

    Resolved Sporadic Problem With Links To Images

    In the last couple of weeks, I've suddenly been treated to large blank gaps where URLs that contain images should appear. I've seen the problem in 2 cases. 1. When I copy and paste the URL of a page with an image (for example an amazon page) directly into my post. When it's posted, I don't...
  19. margd

    Research Study On Why Cats Get Adopted

    Science has an intriguing article on research studying why cats get adopted. The researchers had previously discovered that dogs who raised their eyebrows were more likely to get adopted than those who didn't and were curious to know if something similar was going on with cats. They developed...
  20. margd

    Linking To Articles

    In the old site we had the embed tool so that when we linked to an article or thread, it automatically included the title. Is there still a way to do that or do we have to manually write out the title and then link to it through the hyperlink tool?