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  1. bluebird gal

    Introductions of Two Kittens to Two Adults

    Quick question for you all ... Short back story first.  We have 3yr old & 2yr old neutered males who, after their proper introductions at 19mos & 3.5mos old, are just thick as thieves.  We are about to interview for a job that would not only keep us in the town we would love to live in (after...
  2. bluebird gal

    Black Cats Only

    So many amazing haus panthers in this thread.  Love them all.  
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  4. bluebird gal

    Question of the Day - Thursday 26 March

    The Kitteh Alarm goes off around 4:30-4:45am daily.  We take turns getting up, starting the coffee, getting kittehs fed and played with to let the other sleep in.  Sleeping in is generally only another hour or so as said kittehs hang outside the bedroom door pawing at it for whomever is in there.
  5. bluebird gal

    Black Cats Only

    For what seems like every 1000 or so pix, I get one of our youngest man Monty that is shareable.  I swear he is just like a 3yr old child and will turn his head at the last second, or will bolt towards the camera when you lay in the floor at his level and will just not sit still for a pic. ...
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  8. bluebird gal

    Cat Limping

    Back from the local vet now.  After examination & watching Si wander around the exam room, the vet felt there was not anything out of order bone/joint/spine wise and that he was walking a lot better than I described to the ER vet last night - Not sitting as funny as he was last night.  She did...
  9. bluebird gal

    Cat Limping

    Spoke with the ER vet & described what was going on.  He stated that, because he was still bearing weight on it, sounded much more like a sprain rather than a dislocation or break.  He said to bring him in at 8am this morning which I will of course do.
  10. bluebird gal

    Cat Limping

    Help please while i call the local emergency vet. Our oldest boy was, what we thought, barely stepped on by my husband earlier today.  He squawked a little bit and ran on out of the way.  We thought the DH just stepped on his foot. Neither of us saw it happen. We were gone for 2hrs for dinner...
  11. bluebird gal

    Desperate for Help!

    Thanks Stephie!    We seem to be 100% back to normal here which has been such a load off my heart & mind.
  12. bluebird gal

    what's the meaning behind your username?

    Not yet in our RV, but yes we've been to Mexico and Argentina.  If we ever hit a big lottery, RVing the rest of the planet will be on our itinerary.
  13. bluebird gal

    what's the meaning behind your username?

    We stay generally a few weeks up to 4-5mos in a place we want to spend time to explore, but yes, for the most part, we travel :)
  14. bluebird gal

    what's the meaning behind your username?

    We own a Bluebird Wanderlodge RV.    So now I'm a Bluebird Gal. Oddly enough, 35yrs ago, before I ever even heard of Bluebird motorhomes; never given a thought to owning, much less living in one and traveling the US, I got a bluebird tattoo (my 1st) because that was my best friends' nic for me...
  15. Desperate for Help!

    Desperate for Help!

  16. bluebird gal

    Desperate for Help!

    All remains right in their world
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  18. bluebird gal

    What does your cat sound like?

    Our oldest boy's communications are that of a Siamese and and Oriental combined.  He is a very vocal, bossy cat.  LOL  He mainly has a loud Mrrroow, mrrroow when he's bored and wants you to get a toy and play.  He has a very sharp MMrrrraack!  Mmrraack! when he is ready to eat. Our youngest has...
  19. bluebird gal

    South Louisiana Feral Rescue

    Thanks for the additional resources to check out. DuckDodgers -- my main problem is that we are seasonal camphosts here at this campground.  I don't have traps, etc. to do this.  I need experienced folks who can come in, with the right gear, get them sterilized, etc.  And accept a donation from...
  20. bluebird gal

    Desperate for Help!

    Thank you!  We're only getting to 56 degrees today after another small cold front moved in, but I guess that sounds like a heat wave to you.  Yesterday it was 70 degrees.  I don't even know why the South refers to it as winter.  LOL I'm also still in contact with a local TNR lady who has put...