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  1. alex17

    Need to find kitten a home ASAP

    Hi tonight I was out fishing and this little kitten ran straight up to me and rubbed against my legs. As its cold outside and he kinda instantly took my heart, I couldn't leave him there. I've been posting on Facebook all night on different animal pages trying to find a home. I have 2 cats...
  2. alex17

    soft, smelly stool?

    Tabitha is 6 1/2 weeks old and I have been feeding her Purina One kitten nutrition. When I first brought her home she had diarrhea but I thought that had stopped. I noticed today as I was cleaning up a missed litter box accident that her stool is still very soft. It is not runny and it even...
  3. alex17

    Pros and cons of spaying?

    Hi everybody. I've always been a huge advocate of spaying and neutering but since getting my little Tabitha I've been questioning that. The reason I am trying to decide whether or not I should spay is because surgery makes me nervous. I don't like the idea of putting her through a surgery that...
  4. alex17

    Is she a tortie or calico...and name ideas?

    Hello! So tomorrow I am bringing home a kitty that needed a home and I was wondering if she is a calico or tortie? I honestly have no idea what the difference between the two are  To show the coloring on her body.  Thank you in advance for the answers 
  5. alex17

    New kitten tomorrow...nervous about resident cat

    Hello! It has been a while since I have been on but I am back because I will be bringing home a little rescue kitten tomorrow. I am extremely excited to be helping a little kitty but I am also extremely worried about my 1 year old cat. I have posted about Caspian before and I really have no idea...
  6. alex17

    male aggression?

    Caspian is 10 months old and neutered. Ever since I had him he has always been on the more aggressive side, but I always thought that it was a kitten thing he would get out of. But he is almost a year old and he is worse than he ever has been. he bits constantly. He draws blood nearly every time...
  7. alex17

    Best way to remove loose hair (sleek coated cat)

    My kitty has a very sleek, soft ,short coat. He sheds a heck of a lot more than I was expecting and I have been having trouble removing loose hair from his coat. I used two different types of slicker brushes and neither one gets the hair from his coat. Since his hair is so sleek, it all just...
  8. alex17

    Caspian hasn't used his litter box since being neutered?

    Caspian was neutered Monday and he has not used his litter box one time since then. I figured he was just uncomfortable so I didn't change the litter until Tuesday. I changed to a "softer" smaller grain litter that he used when he was just a few months old with no problem and that didn't work...
  9. alex17

    What to expect after neutering, and Caspian has juvenile cataracts?

    Caspian is finally six months old so he will be getting neutered on Monday. I was just curious of how to deal with him after. Im sure im going to have to keep him calm and still for the most part and I am completely lost on how in the world im going to manage that. Is he going to be "out of it"...
  10. alex17

    Best ways to deal with aggression?

    Caspian is now 4 months old and I have been having trouble with his biting problems. He was taken from his mom and litter mates when he was only 6 weeks so I know this is normal because of that. The methods I have been using have not been helping at all. I've read countless articles and tried...
  11. alex17

    Spasms while sleeping?

    Caspian was sleeping on my lap about 10 minutes ago and I looked down and noticed he was having spasms on his face. I watched him for about 30 seconds to see if they would stop but they seemed to get worse. They became more intense and while continuing on his face, his legs also began to spasm...
  12. alex17

    Ways to create stress- free car travel?

    So I live at the very southern tip of Louisiana and I was watching the news tonight and got to thinking when they said they think its going to be a very active hurricane season. And seeing that its the beggining of the season, I have begun to prepare in case I would need to evacuate. My cat...
  13. alex17

    What is my cat?

    Caspian is a four month old kitty and I have no idea what he is. He use to be brown but hes turned black with white markings on his lower tummy and a few white hairs on his paws. He also has these white strips that run from his ears to his eyes on both sides that are like exactly the same. And...
  14. alex17

    Cat chases litter in litter box and gets it everywhere?

    So I seem to have this problem where Caspian gets in his littler box and he kicks up some of the litter then chases it around and gets littler all over the place. I dont think there is really anything I can do to get him to stop but I just thought I would post it to see if anyone had any ideas...
  15. alex17

    Took Caspian (kitten) to the vet and I have a few questions

    I adopted Caspian (I've posted about him before under the name Liam, but I changed his name) at six weeks old and we had a rough start but he seemed to be doing a lot better. I just took him to the vet yesterday for the first time to get his first round of shots (he's 8 weeks now but I just...
  16. alex17

    Caspian playing with his ball :)

    I've posted about my kitty before bc we started out rough but now everything is going just perfect with him! Some of you may know him as Liam but I changed his name to Caspian bc I think it fits much better :) ANYWAY, I love this little video because Caspian's middle name is Lloyd. He's named...
  17. alex17

    My baby boy :)

    Liam is my little kitten I just adopted. Ive had him for three days now and he has completely stolen my heart already. He may look black in the pics, but he is  actually a dark chocolate brown. He actually plays with my dogs toys more than his own :). and his eyes look very blue, but they are...
  18. alex17

    six week old kitten wont eat, drink, and hasnt used the bathroom??

    I just got this kitten today and ive been trying to feed him and nothing has worked. I watered down some kibble and its like he's hungry but he cant grab it or chew it. Im so worried that the poor thing is going to starve. He's been with me for at least 7 hours and in that time he has eaten...
  19. alex17

    whats your favorite things about cats?

    I have been a dog person my entire life and just recently fell in love with cats. They just have so many trait I don't see in other pets. So I just want to know what is your favorite thing about cats?
  20. alex17

    Need advice on how to care for a 5 week old kitten!

    Well to begin, I'm Alex. I actually have no cats right now, but in a few weeks I will be adopting a 5 week old kitten that either had to find a home, or be put into a shelter. I am very worried about taking the kitten away from the mother so young, but I don't want the poor sweetheart to go to a...