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  1. macsmommy

    How to feed 2 cats best

    I feed my two some wet in the AM and again in PM, and they free feed dry. They just nibble their dry here and there and they are both good water drinkers. If you had a cat who gorged themselves on dry than this wouldn't work. It definitely depends on the cat.
  2. macsmommy

    Lap cat

    @margd Paul is so handsome!
  3. TBT! your cats first picture!

    TBT! your cats first picture!

  4. macsmommy

    TBT! your cats first picture!

    We've had Sasha for so long that her first pics with us aren't digital. But they are in cat themed frames in my living room lol. Here's baby Mac:
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  6. macsmommy

    Lap cat

    I meant to post some text too lol! Mac is a very affectionate lap napper. We watch some My Cat From Hell together too!
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  8. Lap cat

    Lap cat

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  10. macsmommy

    Maintenance moved my fridge today

    Haha! A few months ago, the cable guy came and had to help me move my heavy sofa to reach the outlet thing. There in the back corner, where the vacuum can't reach, was a pile of toys. Cable guy just looked at me strangely. The cats thought it was like Petco back there. They are little hoarders!
  11. macsmommy

    What's Santa bringing for your kitty?

    Last year they got one of those long, crinkly tunnels, a new container of organic catnip, and some mice. I had already picked up some plastic balls with bells on Black Friday for Mac, but he had been sick. When he got better, I was so happy that I just gave him the balls. Sasha is getting some...
  12. macsmommy

    Adventures in pilling a cat

    What about a little lactose free cheese? I feed Sasha a couple of tiny crumbs until she's begging for more, then I make a little sandwich with the pill. Does Sara like cheese?
  13. macsmommy

    Why my cat doesn't want to play?

    Do you play with him? My Mac will play alone but Sasha will only play with someone. She likes me to use a wand or drag a string. Mac will chase a ball or throw a mouse around by himself if no one can play. Does he like catnip? Some cats get very playful when there's catnip involved!
  14. macsmommy

    Bittersweet... Saying goodbye to my fosters

    I can only imagine you do! I was just saying the other day I wish I could foster cats, my husband was like, No!! We'll end up with a hundred!! He's always wanting to bring home strays lol. We stayed in communication with our foster mom forever. She's part of Animal Advocates and when I found a...
  15. macsmommy

    Bittersweet... Saying goodbye to my fosters

    I've never fostered cats, because I don't think I have the strength to give them away, but I really admire you! You're doing such a great thing. My beloved childhood cat was fostered. She was found at a construction site and taken in. She was a year or so old when I got her and I loved her...
  16. macsmommy

    Do you feed your cat/cats first?

    I don't work anymore so I don't set an alarm, but that does not mean 6 am is not still cat breakfast time. Mac taps me awake an hour before my husband has to be up, and I feed the cats, scoop, refill water fountain and brush Sasha (long hair). Then Mac runs to my recliner so he can get in my...
  17. macsmommy

    Help me replace my cat's favorite toy!

    Google "zanies shaggy fuzzy rattle mouse" and you will see some toys for auction on eBay. They look like maybe they are similar?
  18. macsmommy

    Kitty guardians

    I have lupus and kidney disease and Mac always knows when my bad days are. He's much quieter and gentler. When I had my last kidney surgery, I was overloaded on anesthesia and when I came home, I had to lay on my back for 24 hrs to prevent bleeding. I was so drugged out, my husband put me to...
  19. macsmommy

    Fattening up my senior

    Thanks @Paiger8, I'll look into both. She has a good appetite, particularly for her FF. So I never have to worry about coercing get into eating, I'd just like her to get more calories.