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  1. zemari

    Broadline Flea and Worm Treatment

    OK so its that time when I have to treat my 2 furbabies again - they get done every couple of months as they are both indoor cats and this is what the vet recommended Clyde I moved to a seperate room and treated first - he is 100% domesticated and is never a problem Bonnie has been described...
  2. zemari

    3 Litterbox questions

    OK - so as you know hubby and I have 2 fur babies (Bonnie and Clyde) Bonnie will be 2 in June and Clyde 1 in May Bonnie was very timid when we got her last February (she was approx 7 - 8 months old at the time  but is now a well adjusted cat (as well as she can be living with us!) - she still...
  3. zemari

    Kitten and water

    Any one any idea's why our 7 month old kitten Clyde likes to sit in warm water? He has always been interested in dripping taps and sitting in the washing up bowl but 3 times now he has sat in it whilst it has been full of warm water.... He then proceeds to drip all over the floor and resists...
  4. zemari

    Flea Treatments 2 Indoor Cats

    Does anyone have any thoughts on flea treatments for 2 indoor kitties Bonnie is approx 16 months and Clyde is 5 months Before we got Clyde (2 months ago) we used Bob Martin Spot On treatment on Bonnie and she has had no reactions to it (the only pain is that I have to apply it whilst she is...
  5. zemari

    Kitten playing in litter box

    I have just noticed that our newest addition Clyde seems to be playing more and more in the litter box - he is now 4 months old and we have had him for nearly 6 weeks He pounces into it , scratches around as if he is going to use it and then jumps out bits of litter fly everywhere which he...
  6. zemari

    New to this site

    Hi Sorry I shoudl have introduced myself before posting in the other forums ! My name is Maria and I am the proud mum to a 15 month old very timid lady (Bonnie) and a 3 month old rascal (Clyde) Piccies below Bonnie in one of her favorite spots Clyde - helping me work !
  7. zemari

    Best toys for a teething kitten

    Hi Does anyone have any idea's on what the best toys are for a teething 3 month old kitten (before he destroys the wires in the house and / or my finger!) I live in the UK - and this is the little monster ! Thanks
  8. zemari

    Introducing new kitten to a 'fraidy' cat - Bonnie + Clyde

    Hi :) My hubby and I got a rescue cat 6 months ago (Bonnie - female + neutered) - she was aged about 7 months and was very timid. No one at the center knew anything about her background When we brought her home she hid in a corner behind a bookcase for the first 2 weeks - she would come out...