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    Featured Suggestions for good video camera to watch fosters?

    I use Amcrest, wireless ip cameras. I get them on Amazon.
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    Spayed feral cat disappears

    So glad she is back! It does appear that something has spooked her. Giver her time and keep her feeding routine consistent.
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    Spayed feral cat disappears

    She may have found another food source or even did some hunting. When I cared for outside feral cats, they would often disappear for 24-48 hours even though they had all been neutered and rarely left my yard. I worried and worried about them. They always came back. Please keep us updated.
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    Trapped feral and brought to new home, NOW WHAT?!

    Thanks for the update. It sounds like all is going well. He adjusted nicely. It's always trial and error with the feral kitties.
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    Modifying a feral cat shelter/creating hiding places - advice?

    I have made a lot of shelters throughout the years. Here is a link to the shelters I have on my blog.
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    Peeing after Perineal Urethrostomy (PU) surgery

    Ha! We trained our boy to pee on command too! I just open up the litter box and call for him. 90% of the time he will pee!
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    Peeing after Perineal Urethrostomy (PU) surgery

    Just an FYI about the group. They are very very knowledgeable but also pretty much against prescription food and very pro raw food diet. They have their reasons and their beliefs. I don't feed prescription any more, but I do feed quality canned food and add lots of water to my boys food. It...
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    Ferrel momma, one tame baby

    Definitely get them all fixed or those 3 cats will turn into lots and lots of cats before your very eyes. The kittens might be able to be socialized and then adopted. Since you have been working with the mom, she too might work out well once she is spayed. Colder weather is coming and these...
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    Peeing after Perineal Urethrostomy (PU) surgery

    My boy had PU surgery 3 years ago. He did not have any immediate issues once he had fully healed. Yet he did block again 2 years after the surgery. Fortunately he recovered and has been doing well the past year. I did a lot of research on how to help him. I found a wonderful Facebook...
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    Feral tested FIV+. Opinions on testing others in the colony?

    The aggressive FIV+ boy is separated from 3 of the cats. He is buddies with 2 and learning to accept the other 3. We have time when all 6 (#7 is still in quarantine) are together each day, but it is completely supervised. Then twice a week we allow everyone out on the first floor for about an...
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    Feral tested FIV+. Opinions on testing others in the colony?

    Holy cow you are an absolute saint. My goodness. 17 cats. I have 7 and some don't get along either so I totally get it. I do have 2 that are FIV+. One of the FIV+ males can be aggressive. He has calmed down in the past year. Yet 2 years ago, he attacked another cat and bit him hard in...
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    Feral tested FIV+. Opinions on testing others in the colony?

    Is there any way that PK can become an inside only kitty. Since you know he is FIV+, he could infect other cats. Most cats once neutered won't fight with the gusto they did when they had hormones, but they can still fight. FIV takes a deep bite or puncture wound to transmit. Yet being FIV+...
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    what do i do

    I always try to make a pet petter to help with cats that are not used to touch. I take an old wand toy and cover it with a sock. It can be used as a toy at first and then gently touching the kitten with the soft end. Here is a picture below. Also have you seen this video series on the rescue...
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    How to Deter Skunks

    I am always certain to pick the food up at dark. The skunks usually don't come out when it's light outside.
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    Does an adult relocated feral need a friend?

    I think food and shelter are the biggest motivators. As long as he stakes out his territory in your yard, it's up to him who comes into the territory. My boys had tight bonds, but I think cats can still decide to leave if they feel threatened. Companionship is nice, but being safe and having...
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    Does an adult relocated feral need a friend?

    I did not have any major fights only some spats. All of my feral cats have been males and all neutered so that really reduced their urge to fight. Since all of my cats have been males, I will answer to my experience with males. Some are life long bff's. They snuggle, cuddle and groom each...
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    Does an adult relocated feral need a friend?

    Hello and welcome to TCS! Your situation is unique since he was brought to your area. I would love to have some more information. Do you plan on letting him out of the enclosure or will he remain in a confined space? Bringing in a new unknown cat could cause all kind of problems in an...
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    Trying to socialize a feral kitten, but need advice and encouragement

    Here is a really good video series no the rescue and socialization of feral kittens. I believe it's a 2 or 3 part video. The first part is the rescue of the kittens and then it moves onto socialization. There are some wonderful tips and tricks.
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    I Have More Trust Issues Than This Feral..

    Here is a litter box that I first tried for my elevator butt peeing boy. Yet, he was still able to spray over the sides. This is what I use now
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    Spayed mama and kitten trapped together?

    I would have taken the Mom and kitten as now the kitten will be most difficult to trap. You will just have to keep trying with different stinky irresistible food. You could also try a drop trap.