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  1. vampirecat

    I'm Back ....

    Hi everyone, its been 3 weeks since my last confession...... No, seriously i have been off line for more than 3 weeks due to a great holiday in Cuba and catching up on house work. Yesterday we did our shopping, put the Christmas Tree up and went out to a garden centre that is full of xmas...
  2. vampirecat

    Cruise/Holmes Wedding

    I have had News24 on most of the morning and its just full of this wedding today in Italy. They have just shown pictures of the castle, (very nice), that the ceremony is taking place at. Its pouring with rain and all the celebs are arriving for this Scientology Wedding. Can anyone shine a...
  3. vampirecat

    Will Hubby Notice ?

    I have just finished colouring my hair, but the question is will hubby notice ? Now as a rule no matter how much hair i have cut off he never notices so, will he know that my colour is different He is at work today and wont be home until 7pm so i will let you all know the verdict. Will he be...
  4. vampirecat

    Daily Thread : Sunday 29th Oct.

    Well its just gone midnight here in the Uk so its Sunday Listening to Sisters of Mercy and waiting for Pete to come home. The patio doors are open as its still quite warm here at the moment. Cats are wondering whats going on as they are usually all tucked up in bed by now But today i feel...
  5. vampirecat

    Hey, hows Wonton getting on?

    Sorry if i have misssed a thread, but i was wondering how the Wonton was getting on with his meds ?
  6. vampirecat

    XBox 360 Anyone ?

    Any of you guys got a 360 ? I have been playing Uno a lot lately and would love to hook up with you guys at some time. If you are interested please pm me with your gamertag.
  7. vampirecat

    Daily Thread: Wed. 11 Oct

    all Just got back from the Docs, everything is ok, in fact its great Have managed to lose 7lbs since last May and kept it off Now it may not sound very much, my problem has always been crash dieting and then putting it straight back on again. I think more about what we eat, so chips are...
  8. vampirecat

    New Siggy

    Oh look what Sarah has done for me, i it. Thanks Sarah your great its fantastic. I love the other one as well, it was a difficult choice. Can you do one with all my furry pals on it ? I raise my glass to you
  9. vampirecat

    GAME: Cats in Movies

    Dont know if this has been done before but thought it might be fun How many movies can you think of that has a cat in it ? I'll start off: Mr Jinks Meet the Parents / Fokkers and; Orion Men in Black
  10. vampirecat

    Jaz's Sunbeam

    Jaz just loves to relax in sunbeams. Mmmm...warm...cosy...dont wake me Better have a wash now i am awake Aah, happiness is a sun beam....
  11. vampirecat

    Tiggers Second Day !

    Hey meowmy have you seen whats behind the bed ? Ok, ok so perhaps it wasn't such a good place for hide and seek... Mmmm.....sardines in tomato sauce Jaz has taken a 'chill pill' looks like Izzy found some too
  12. vampirecat

    Daily Thread: Sat. 23rd

    Morning everyone I have not had much sleep. Tigger didn't want to be alone in her room last night a ripped the carpet up in efforts to get out So she spent the night on the bed with me. Trouble is she purred non stop all night with the occasionally hiss at Jake or Jaz if they ventured to...
  13. vampirecat

    Tiggers First Day

    We have had Tigger home for an hour now and she hasn't stopped purring She is a sweetheart Jaz has had a hiss at her, Jake has eaten her biscuit ! and Izzy doesn't have a clue as she has slept through it all I have left her in her room with some cooked chicken to have her tea and a sleep...
  14. vampirecat

    Another cat ?

    I need your guidance on this one please. My fathers cat needs a new home. She has lived with him as a house cat for about 7 years and has been an only cat. At the moment she is in a cattery awaiting placement in a rescue centre. She is a little sweetie with only 3 legs. But my dilema is this...
  15. vampirecat

    Daily Thread: Sunday 10th Sept.

    Hi guys, I have a lot of catching up to do on the forum as I have been away from it for a few days. Sar, 9 years for a battery, crikey thats good going ! Its a nice day in Wrexham, a bit chilly early on but its warming up nicely. Jakes been sick, Jaz is asleep and Izzy is dribbling all over...
  16. vampirecat

    Scritching Triggers Washing Survey

    Ok this is a bit strange, or perhaps not as it affects all 3 of my cats If i scritch my cats spine, about 2 thirds down the back, it triggers washing ! Now even stranger is that if i kiss the end of Jazzys' front paws she licks her nose Why So i figure this deserves a bit of...
  17. vampirecat

    Bats !

    This may seem like a strange thing to do on a Saturday night, after all most people are either tucked up in front of the tv with a good film and bottle of wine or down the pub. Well we were walking around in the dark with a torch and bat detector! We went on an RSPB bat and owl walk last...
  18. vampirecat

    Retain user name

    Hi In a few days we will be switching from Orange to TalkTalk broadband. But my question is : will I loose my user name and status? Or will i be able to retain my current standing on TCS? I am not so concerned about starting as a kitten again, but would like to retain my user name. Will this...
  19. vampirecat

    Shaving Your Cat

    Jake has a knotty problem at the moment Usually i can sort it out myself and remove them, but this summer he is just covered in little 'clumps' down his sides and around his trousers. He also has one around his..ummm...well....'bits' which i am definately not going to try and remove myself...
  20. vampirecat

    Daily Thread: Sat. 22nd July

    Well its 7.50am and the temperature is already 74 degrees, i do believe we are in for yet another day. Hoping to get out on the Harley today, there is a new aquarist shop in a garden centre near Crewe that i would like to visit. Assuming it doesn't get too hot that is Hubby is still in bed...