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  1. Joandlily

    Vaccines For Inside Cat

    Hi there I would love to hear you options on the following do inside cats really need to be vaccinated every year ?
  2. Joandlily

    14 Week Old Kitten Trying To Suckle On Dog

    Mowgli my 14 week old siamese kitten has since I got him (2 weeks) been trying to suckle on my shipoo Dexter. Dexter loves Mowgli and are the best of friends and whenever Mowgli try's to suckle Dexter gently pushes him away. Is this normal behaviour? Mowgli was still nursing off his mom when I...
  3. Joandlily

    Mowglis Dog Dexter

  4. Joandlily


    Here is my siamese baby Mowgli
  5. Joandlily

    Mowgli Sleeping In The Closet

    Little Mowgli loves to climb onto my clothes in the closet and sleep.
  6. Joandlily

    Hi From Ontario Canada

    Hi there I have a beautiful white siamese boy named Mowgli he's just turned 14 weeks. I am just starting him on chicken soup for the soul kitten food in both wet and dry.
  7. Joandlily

    Getting A Kitten To Gain Weight

    my 13 week siamese kitten was wormed for round worms a week ago but is still not gaining weight. He eats dry and wet food. What should I do
  8. Joandlily

    What Do You Think Of My Man

    Hi there this is Mowgli my 13 week male siamese kitten.
  9. Joandlily

    Chicken Soup For The Soul Kitten Food

    hi there I have a 13 week siamese kitten who is currently eating performatrin wet and dry kitten food. My kitten Mowgli is not gaining weight like I want so I was thinking of switching home to chicken soup for the soul kitten food. I would love your input. My kitten is currently eating...