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  1. felinelover2

    Preventing Basement Cat

    Aw, I totally feel for you and Jackie (and Julie). I have two litter mates (brother and sister) and when we brought them home the rescue told us she was alpha but it would maybe change over time. A few months later, She is still mostly alpha but He definitely challenges her for dominance...
  2. felinelover2

    My new baby Stevie

    I'm in love with little Stevie and his brother Groot!! Gorgeous cats!
  3. felinelover2

    A friend for my shy feral kitten?

    Wonderful! You'll be making another little kitty very happy with a good home! Please do update, I really hope they end up being besties!!
  4. felinelover2

    A friend for my shy feral kitten?

    Glad little Suki is warming up to you. If she is already accepting food from your hand, she will come around on that soon. Cats do like companions, provided they get along, which is an unknown. Even with slow introductions, they can co-exist together but may not like each other. As long as...
  5. felinelover2

    Fumigating house

    Well, like others have said and you're aware, fumigating will only temporarily alleviate fleas until the dog is on flea prevention medication. I don't think sprays would be effective for fleas (but would be effective for ants and roaches) as the fleas would just jump away from the spayed areas...
  6. felinelover2

    Hello please help I have a little demon cat who refuses all kinds of care

    Agree with GreyLady, don't worry about maintenance stuff like nail trimming and teeth brushing (unless vet said it was necessary). Get through the ear stuff first, as that is medically necessary. After that, work on building a bond with the cat. A cat that doesn't trust you will not let you...
  7. felinelover2

    Holiday cat sitting this year

    Or pay a cat sitter to come in and feed them their separate foods in separate locations, and scoop the litter box? That is what we do - she charges $20 per 30 minutes and we just have her come in once a day. Our cats don't get lonely as they have each other, but just need the basics attended...
  8. felinelover2

    Litter box placement advice

    The reality is the cats really make the decision about the litter box type and placement :) Some are fine with litter robots, some are not. Some are fine with one litter box in a bedroom, some are not (especially if they are a little scared of you at first, which is normal - they may be scared...
  9. felinelover2

    Adopted Cat - Hiding after 2!

    Definitely think moving her kitty stuff outside the room now, it will have her scent on it and make her feel more comfortable when she does venture out. One thing I did with my shy kitties was leave a trail of dry treats leading out of their safe room at night. When the house was quiet at...
  10. felinelover2

    keeping them off kitchen counters

    No problem, I totally own neat freakishness, especially around the kitchen!
  11. felinelover2

    Defecating to send a message?

    In terms of pmv's list, it seems like either #4 or #5. A vet should help rule out #5, in which case the peeing is likely spraying to mark (or re-mark, if drop-cloths are placed over the floor of the territory). Unless you're doing a lot of painting, the drop-cloth situation should be temporary...
  12. felinelover2

    Meowing bouts at night- Please help!

    I think the cat door or hook ideas are great. This way Sophie can come and go but the puppy will stay in the room.
  13. felinelover2

    keeping them off kitchen counters

    Whiskey will jump on counters sometimes too, usually after dinner when seeking more food :) Generally we wipe down our counters, so if I am there preparing food I just shoo her off and she usually stays off after that. After meals, we wipe down the counters and put everything away, so when she...
  14. felinelover2

    We took our kitties in an RV road trip

    No, but they aren't door dashers at home either. They were very well behaved, no accidents or inappropriate scratching. Good kitties.
  15. felinelover2

    How can I teach my cat to use scratching post?

    When we saw Whiskey try to scratch the arm of our sofa, we said 'No' and then showed her (with my own hands, not manipulating her paws) the scratching post in the living room. We also literally added 3 more scratching posts in the living room area, placing two by the sofa arm. When she did...
  16. felinelover2

    We took our kitties in an RV road trip

    So we were supposed to go on a cruise for our vacation this year, but with COVID we went to plan B and rented an RV for a week long road trip to the Grand Canyon and Zion National Parks. Naturally, we took our furbabies with us in the RV for the adventure. We had a 25 ft RV rental from Cruise...
  17. felinelover2

    My cat is afraid of me

    Sounds like he is doing great and actually making some progress. Keep trying with play sessions, keep them short and always provide a treat after (even if he didn't play). And its a great sign he is sleeping on your bed! My two took around 4-5 months to really relax in their new home, so give...
  18. felinelover2

    Rehoming my cat

    Sorry to hear about your dilemma. It sounds like he is spraying to mark his territory since he doesn't like your other cat, or even other people, in his territory. I would try to separate and re-introducing them via site swapping over time, up play time with him and try to get him walking...
  19. felinelover2

    Wet Food Woes

    Maybe try (if you haven't already) mixing in some of their dry kibble with the wet food, like half and half to start, then decrease the kibble as they get used to the wet?
  20. felinelover2

    Who is using Bravecto?

    We just started using it. No issues except for a greasy spot where it was applied that lasted a week or so. Our cats are 2 years old and we've only given it once so far but plan to use again