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  1. felinelover2

    We took our kitties in an RV road trip

    So we were supposed to go on a cruise for our vacation this year, but with COVID we went to plan B and rented an RV for a week long road trip to the Grand Canyon and Zion National Parks. Naturally, we took our furbabies with us in the RV for the adventure. We had a 25 ft RV rental from Cruise...
  2. felinelover2

    Accidentally bought senior cat food

    Hi, We are trying different brands of wet food for our cats. So I bought some different cans at Petco, but accidentally purchased one can of senior food (7+) of Whole Hearted brand chicken pate. It is unopened but we threw away the Petco receipt. Would it be harmful to our 2 year old cats to...
  3. felinelover2

    Hello and Introductions

    Hi everyone. I've been lurking for a few months and found this forum extremely helpful, so I thought I would introduce myself and my two new fur-babies, Scotch and Whiskey. They are 2 year old brother and sister litter-mates that were rescued as ferals at 4 months old. We adopted them just...